What can VPN do with our data?

What can VPN do with our data

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is basically a private tunnel that provides you security and protection on the internet. The VPN encapsulates your data and communication over the channel and encrypts it which is difficult to decipher. It is used for watching online streaming videos or for using the internet more securely. Some unblock websites blocked in your country so the main purpose of the VPN server is to make a web request and exchange the information on your behalf without revealing your identity. RitaVPN is an example of a VPN that keeps your data secure and private. This is a highly recommended VPN because it supports every platform, has high speed and genuinely keeps no logs.  This VPN will give you private and secure access on the internet and encrypts your online activities to protect your data from hackers and advertisers.

VPN can do a lot with our data, which we divide into two parts:

1. What a VPN can do positively?

2. What a VPN do negatively?

In this article, we will talk about both of them that how these two affect our data. The main purpose of both VPNs should be to provide “security and privacy” but there is a huge difference between them related to our data. Let’s discuss it.

First of all, we would talk about “What a VPN can do positively?”

What a VPN can do positively?

High-quality VPN has many positive effects on our data. It can secure our data whether we connect them at home or on public Wi-Fi. Some of the positive effects of VPN regarding our data are listed below :

Provides Security

The main reason for using a VPN is to secure your data from hacking. It provides security in the sense that it contains the different options of protocols. Firstly, OpenVPN(an open-source protocol using SSL encryption), secondly the combination of two protocols like L2TP(Layer 2 Tunnel Protocol)and IPsec. In the second protocol level, L2TP itself is not encrypted but the IPsec adds encryption layer on it. Using these best quality VPNs you can get the 256-bits data encryption and data you transfer is secure.

Provides User Data Privacy

High-quality VPNs are known for their user’s data privacy as it does not keep the user logs for tracking or spying. These VPNs will hide your identity from the snoopy advertisers.  It means that your online activities while using a VPN are truly anonymous. Moreover, your confidential information like banking details and account credentials are end to end encrypted with advanced encryption algorithms. So you can trust such a VPN which gives an intense tough time to hackers and make it impossible to decrypt it.

What a VPN do negatively?

If you think that you’ll get a perfect thing to secure your data then you are actually wrong. In the same way, when you think that you are using free VPN you are taking it wrong, “you are paying them with your confidential data”. Such kind of VPNs contains some flaws and they are using your private data for their own means. Some of the negative effects of VPN on our data are listed below :

Stealing your private data

When you imagine about the VPNs it means you are thinking that data and communication channel is quite secure, but this case is not applicable to some VPNs. These VPNs confidentially steal your private data like bank or credit card information and use it for their own benefits. You won’t even know your data is being stolen. So don’t rely on cheap VPN services otherwise you will suffer a lot.

Unreliable security measure

Some VPNs can simply crack your security level. This poor protection means that your data can be easily deciphered by spying agencies and hackers. Even worse is that VPNs have permissions or functions that could compromise the privacy of the user or expose the user’s traffic and few of them contain harmful viruses like Malware, which will be discussed later on.

Presence of Malware

A VPN means for privacy but most of the VPNs contain some kind of the virus. The commonly embedded virus within a VPN is malware. It targets your device without your knowledge and consent. It leads to your private data and device integrity at risk. Malware includes Trojan horses, spyware, adware and scareware, ransomware. By using low quality you are not protecting your privacy but in a real sense, you are putting it on risk.

Selling Your data

The main priority of the VPNs is to not only secure your data but also to protect them from hackers. Some VPNs are not only stealing your data but they are also selling your confidential data to third parties like digital advertisers and government agencies. They do the keen observations of your data and use them for their private means. So don’t blindly trust any VPN.

Targeted Advertisements

When you are using cheap quality VPNs you can be tracked using your private data. Your browsing history can be sold to the advertisers so they see your likes. After watching the entire data they show the Advertisements according to your interest in your device. These advertisements may contain some kind of virus. These viruses can harm your device as well as steal your data unknowing. So it’s better for you to use some authentic VPN and secure yourself from these thieves.

If you are really serious about protection and data privacy, you should never rely on cheap VPNs. These VPNs are not safe at all.

Which Tool should be used for the protection of the data?

Not all VPNs are created equal. So we have to find the best VPN which will provide an extra layer of security and make you completely anonymous.

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So our recommendation is to use “ RitaVPN ”. This reputed VPN will not only protect your browsing history but also assures that your other information is also safe and sound. RitaVPN will essentially protect you and do actively compromise your privacy.

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