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Protect Your Online Privacy

All your internet traffic is fully protected by masking your true IP address. Therefore to keep your browsing history to yourself, protect you from prying eyes at home, work or in public places.

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Surf the Internet Securely

RitaVPN uses the best-in-class encryption technology AES-256 and OpenVPN protocols to encrypt your traffic between VPN servers and your devices. What's more, with a kill switch, RitaVPN encrpyts your traffic all the time even if your VPN connection drops.

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Access to the Blocked Contents

With RitaVPN, you’ll be able to surf the internet with a new IP address and location. This enables you to access news, social media, sports, video streaming or any other entertainment content wherever you want without censorship and bandwidth limits.

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Easy to Use and High Compatibility

RitaVPN is very friendly to the beginners as it's easy to use with just one-click to start and without any extra configuration. As its high compatibility, it'll work on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS with a single account.

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Get Tech Support

Real humans are available via live chat and email to help you with all the problems you meet in setting and using RitaVPN.

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