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How to Create a Windows Password Reset Disk?

Windows password reset disk

As we mentioned before, using a password reset disk is the most effective way to open your Windows computer when you forget the logon password. But you may have some problems when using a password reset disk. For example, can I create a password reset disk after I forgot the logon password? Can I use a password reset disk created by other people?

If you want to know the answers and learn how to create and use a Windows password reset disk, keep on reading.  

What is a password reset disk?

A password reset disk, stored on a USB flash drive or a floppy disk drive, allows you to reset the password of your locked computer.

What you should know before starting?

Creating a password reset disk is very easy. You don’t even need any technical knowledge. However, there are several things you need to know before you create a Windows password reset disk.  

  1. First of all, you should create a password reset disk for your Windows computer account when you know the logon password. If you forget it, you are not able to create a password reset disk. In other words, you are not able to open your computer with a password disk when you forgot the password if you haven’t created one.
  2. You can’t create a password reset disk by using your Microsoft account. So, you should log on to your local user account if you want to create a password reset disk.
  3. You also need a USB drive or a floppy disk and a floppy drive to create a password reset disk in Windows.  
  4. You can only create one password reset disk for each local account. However, you can use one USB flash drive to store many password reset disks. Therefore, the password reset disk you created for your account doesn’t work on other people’s computers. They should create their own password reset disks.    
  5. After you finish creating a Windows password reset disk, you’d better put it away and remember the place you keep it in. If someone else gets your password reset disk, he can easily get access to your computer. And you will be kept away from your own computer.
  6. One good thing is that creating a password reset disk to help you access a locked computer won’t cause damage to your data on the computer. But back up your important data can nip in the bud.
  7. Once you create a password reset disk for your Windows computer, you can use it every time you forget the logon password even if you have changed the password.

How to create a password reset disk?

To create a password reset disk, you just need a USB flash drive or a floppy drive and floppy disk. Because there is a built-in password recovery tool named Forgotten Password Wizard that will help you create a password reset disk for your Windows computer.  

  • Insert the USB flash drive or floppy drive into your computer.
  • Log on to the local account for which you want to create a password reset disk.
  • Open the “Control Panel” to find the “User Accounts”. There are many options to secure your account. In the left panel, click on “Create a password reset disk”.
Control Panel
  • To make it easy, you can type “Create a password reset disk” in the Windows search box and select “Create a password reset disk” from the results.
Create a password reset disk
  • If your USB drive or floppy drive connects the computer successfully, the “Forgotten Password Wizard” will appear. To continue, click “Next”.
fogotten password wizard
  • When you are required to select a drive to store password information about the current account, choose the previously inserted USB flash drive or floppy drive that you want to create a password key disk in and click “Next”.
choose a USB drive
  • On the next pop-up window, you need to enter the logon password of the current account to start the process of creating the password reset disk.
logon password
  • Click “Next” when the process bar reaches 100%.
process compelete
  • Finally, click “Finish”.
  • If you succeed in creating a password reset disk for this local account, you will find a file named userkey.psw in the USB drive.  

How to use a password reset disk?

Now that you’ve created a password reset disk for your account, you may wonder how to use it. In fact, using a password reset disk is much easier than creating one.

  • You will see “Reset password” under the password box if you tried to open the computer with an incorrect password.
reset password link
  • Insert the password reset disk you have created for this user account just now and click on “Reset password”.
  • Then, the “Password Reset Wizard” appears. Click on “Next”.
password reset wizard
  • If the password reset disk connects to your computer successfully, you will be able to select it on the next pop-up window.
choose the password reset disk
  • Taping “Next”, you will be asked to create a new password for your account. We suggest you create a strong but easy-to-remember password.
set new password
  • Click on “Next” and then “Finish”.
complete wizard
  • The “Password Reset Wizard” is closed and you are back to the logon screen.
  • This time you can open your computer with the new password you’ve just created.

In conclusion, a Windows password reset disk is rather valuable and easy-to-use. But there is still something you need to pay close attention to. We believe that you can answer the questions at the beginning of this article.

Passwords are everywhere in our life. You got multiple passwords for different accounts. Creating strong passwords is essential for the security of your devices and data security. But it is not enough. We recommend you to use a VPN service to protect yourself from data breaches and cyber attacks.

VPN download!

What to Do When You’ve Been Hacked

VPN,cybersecurity,online security
What to Do When You’ve Been Hacked

Nowadays, we consume so much information in a day than we did before which is an increased exposure to cybercrime.

Most of us know that we need strong passwords for our personal information. We would never open an email we don’t know to be safe. 

However, if a malicious “cafe shop hacker” does manage to compromise your computer or phone, it could be worse than you think.

Thieves can use your Social Security number (SSN)

 to commit tax refund fraud by filing a bogus return in your name., The crooks can take out a bank loan in your name., spend using your credit cards and open up new utility accounts, etc.

But how can they get your personal information? Well, can you imagine a stranger sitting in front of your computer, going through your files? It’s as if they’re sitting in your computer chair, using your computer and seeing all of your data and files on your computer monitor. And you have no idea that this is going on.

A Skilled hacker could gain access to your Social Security number, your credit card numbers, your bank account…. What’s more,  hackers like to share what they find, they will share all kinds of your personal information.

So you may want to know what can you do? You can ask the following question by yourself: 

  • Do you store credit card statements in an easy-to-find folder on your computer?
  • Do you store your passwords on your computer?
  • Do you have a habit of keeping browser windows open on websites, windows that reveal your bank account or credit card numbers?

And Here is a list of tips you can follow to avoid the hackers:

1. Change Your Password

After finding that your email had been hacked, the very first order of business for you was to change secure password. As easy as that may sound, because Google had locked down my account, it was actually quite difficult.

2. Assess the Situation

You should stop and quickly assess what has happened. Try to imagine what could have happened to determine what you need to do next. For example:

Did you use this password elsewhere? If you use the same password in most places, you might have to change all of those which are lots of works to do.

3. Create Fraud Alerts for Your Credit

The first thing you have to do is to call your bank  to ask the details behind the security alert.

An alert may make it very hard for you to open a new credit card or get a loan, but it will also eliminate any threat of your identity being used for further harm. The account alert lasts for 90 days and you can let the alert lapse anytime.

4. Set Up 2-Factor Authentication

The next step is to double up on your account security to make sure the situation won’t get worse.

Make sure you activate 2-step authentication for all of your accounts. I know it is a bit annoying, but it’s worth the effort.

Two-factor authentication is becoming an option for many online accounts.

5. Watch Your Accounts Closely

The final step here is to monitor all your accounts.

This should be done these ways:

  • Tell All of Your Friends/Family to be on Alert: Tell them about being hacked so if they get weird social media requests from you or a fishy phone call, they know to be careful about what kind of information they give.
  • Get Your Free Credit Report:  Take advantage of Free Credit Report from your credit bureau. Check if there is information that you don’t recognize.

Consider an Identity Monitoring Service: After getting bored of monitoring your accounts for a certain time, you’ll more than likely start to forget about having been hacked. But the Identity Monitoring Service will maintain vigilant monitoring after you’ve long forgotten about it.

Consider Use a VPN when you take your laptop to a cafe, airport or hotel that anywhere you connect to a public network. Be careful when you’re online. Avoid websites you’re not familiar with. Keep your antivirus software up to date. VPN download


Change all your passwords of the sensitive accounts. Assess the situation and determine what needs to do. Create a fraud alert with the credit bureaus. Set up 2-factor authentication.

When all of these have done, monitor your accounts for any suspicious activity on your account.

Follow these steps will protect your identity and your accounts security.

How to Watch Netflix or Hulu Through a VPN

Netflix, Hulu, stream, VPN
How to Watch Netflix or Hulu Through a VPN

Netflix has disabled VPN, proxy, and unlock DNS users trying to access content in other countries. And Netflix is not the only one: Hulu has been putting VPN sites under pressure for longer than Netflix. Visit Hulu while connected to one of the major VPNs, and Hulu will let you know that the library is only available in the US.

Watching Streaming Sites As a geographic limitation, Netflix and Hulu can be a bit tricky, but with a VPN, this is always possible.

There are a number of the best VPNs like RitaVPN that work well – there are so many VPNs on the market that Netflix and Hulu can not just block them all.

Note: If one of the servers is blocked, simply try another server.

How do these services block VPNs and proxies?

If you have not yet caught up: Many people bypass regional restrictions – “This show is not available in your country” – via VPN and proxy service. These VPN and proxy services will redirect your traffic to another country (for example, the US where the program is available), so Netflix and Huluassume that you live there. These VPNs and proxies use a handful of IP addresses and share them between their users.

For a service like Hulu or Netflix, detecting and blocking such VPNs or proxies is pretty straightforward. The service only has to keep track of where users are connecting from and find that a large number of users with accounts from around the world seem to be connecting through the same IP addresses. These IP addresses can then be blacklisted. The VPN service can switch to a new IP address that Netflix or Hulu may notice and block again.It’s an eternal cat-and-mouse game.

In other words, Netflix, Hulu or any other service you want to connect to can not tell if you are connected via a VPN or not. Instead, only IP addresses that are known to be shared by many people are blocked.

Of course, there is no way to get a free VPN here. So you have to pay a little money (usually under $ 10 a month, depending on how much time you buy at the same time). Also, the requirements are getting higher – a shared VPN will not do this anymore, so you need your own VPN with its own dedicated IP address.

If you are used to a VPN service of your choice that offers servers in different regions, switching between Netflix US, UK, Canada, and other country-specific libraries may deceive you. Your own dedicated VPN has a dedicated IP address and is located in a specific country. Your VPN only provides access to services from that country.

These solutions will still work, as there is no real way to completely block VPN traffic. It is just a little more complex and – yes – more expensive.VPN and proxy services can continue to play the cat-and-mouse game and constantly switch to new IP addresses. But if you get a dedicated IP address for your VPN, you will not be troublesome.

If you can trust Netflix’s statements about blocking VPN, then in countries where Netflix has very little to offer, it becomes much more complicated to access solid content libraries.

If access to legitimate content is made difficult or impossible, people will be forced to piracy – that’s the truth. Take it from a Canadian: Netflix’s success in attracting subscribers in Canada and other countries with weak content libraries is largely due to their looking away on VPNs. Hopefully they will not make it worse in the years to come. VPN download

How to Hack WiFi Password on Android Phone?

WiFi hacking app

As people require Internet connection anytime and anywhere, wireless networks tend to meet our requirements on surfing the Internet freely. Since many WiFi networks are not open, more and more people choose to hack the WiFi password. And numerous WiFi hacking tools make it possible and easy for users to hack into a wireless network.

However, many of them are adware or malware that cause damage to your device and compromise your privacy. If you are finding a way to get access to a WiFi without the password, you should refer to a useful guide.

This article is going to teach you how to hack WiFi password on Android phone.

Before beginning, you should make sure your Android phone is rooted. Because there are few password hacking apps work on a non-rooted phone. WPS Connect is a commonly used WiFi password hacking tool that works not only on rooted Android phone but also on non-rooted phones (Android Lollipop 5.0 and above).  

It is a user-friendly app so that you can easily hack many available WiFi networks in a while.

Step 1. Install WPS Connect to your device and open it.

Step 2. Click on “Scan” to get a list of available WiFi networks. You can see the detail of these networks.

Step 3. Click one in green from the list.

Step 4. Choose a PIN to hack into this wireless network.

Step 5. You can connect to the selected WiFi if the PIN matches the WiFi.

Note: You can’t hack into the network in red.  

WPS Connect can not only help you hack into the nearby WiFi but also check the security of your WiFi network.

We are not urging you to hack into others’ wireless networks in this article. Hacking into nearby WiFi networks without permission is not recommended. We hope that you can make use of such password hacking apps to test the security of your wireless network.

To further ensure your security and privacy on the WiFi network, especially public WiFi, you can use a VPN service like RitaVPN.

5 Best Torrent Sites

Torrent,VPN,unblock website
5 Best Torrent Sites

Here are 5 best torrent sites for 2019:

1. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that sprang up in 2016 when Torrentz shut down. Torrentz2 combines results from other search engines to provide one of the biggest databases of torrents. The torrent search engine boasts of having over 61 million torrents and our research shows that it has more movie torrents than other types of torrents.

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Applications, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: Torrentz2.me, Torrentz2.is, Torrentzwealmisr.onion
  • Number of torrents: 61 million+

Download Speed: The average DL speed was 1.9MB/s

2. iDope

iDope is a torrent search engine that provides direct magnet links to torrents. Besides having a massive database of over 18 million torrents, it features a clean UI and has a mobile version that makes torrenting on smartphones easy.

  • Year established: 2016
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: idope.bypassed.bz
  • Number of torrents: 18,450,000+

Download Speed: The average DL speed was 3.7MB/s

3. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is a torrent index with one of the biggest databases out there. At the time of compiling this list, it features over 16 million torrents.

  • Year established: 2007
  • Popular content formats: TV Shows, Movies, Music, Books, Games, Software.
  • Banned in the following countries: United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: torrentdownloads.unblockall.org, torrentdownloads.unblocker.cc
  • Number of torrents: 16,121,000+

Download Speed: The average DL speed was 1.8MB/s

4. LimeTorrents

With over 9.8 million torrents, LimeTorrents is one of the torrent sites with the biggest databases out there. It offers torrents for several content types such as movies, TV shows, games, and applications. It is currently banned in Australia and France.

  • Year established: 2009
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV Series, Music, Games, Applications, Anime.
  • Banned in the following countries: Australia, France, United Kingdom.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: limetorrents.asia, limetor.club, limetorrents.info
  • Number of torrents: 9,833,000+

Download Speed: The average DL speed was 2.8MB/s

5. Bit Torrent Scene

Bit Torrent Scene is one of the leading sources of torrents online. It allows users to torrent movies, TV series, music, games, software and ebooks.

  • Year established: 2017
  • Popular content formats: Movies, TV series, Music, Games, Software, Ebooks.
  • Banned in the following countries: None.
  • Supports instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors/Alternate URLs/IPs: btsproxy.com, btscene.unblocker.cc, bittorrentstart.com
  • Number of torrents: 5,118,000+

Download Speed: The average DL speed was 3.6MB/s

Note: For the users can not access the websites above we recommend use a VPN service to bypass Geo Restrictions. And you can unblock websites with a VPN and remain anonymous as well. VPN download

How to Open a Computer without Password?

unlock computer

There are times that you need to work on your computer but you forget the password. You can’t recall it even with the password hint.

Fortunately, there are many ways to reset your computer password. This how-to will teach you 3 common methods to open a computer when you forget the password.

Password reset disk: 

When you type a wrong password in the password box of the Windows logon screen, it will display “Reset password” under the password box.

Step 1. Click “Reset password”.   

Step 2. Insert your password reset disk.

Step 3. When the Reset Password Wizard appears, click “Next”.  

Step 4. Now you can change or remove the password.

Safe Mode:

Step 1. Start or restart your computer.

Step 2. Long press F8 to get into the “Advanced Boot Options”.

Step 3. Choose Safe Mode from the options.

Step 4. Log in as the administrator.

Step 5. Now you can open the “Control Panel” to change or remove the password.

The two methods above are very easy. If you succeed in changing the password, you use the new password to access your computer.

We still offer a more complicated way for you to open your computer when you forget the password. That is using the Windows installation disk.

Windows installation disk: 

Step 1. Insert your Windows installation disk to your computer and start it.

Step 2. Then, you will go to the installation wizard. Select “Repair your computer” from the links below.

Step 3. Choose “Command Prompt” from the “System Recovery Options”.

Step 4. Enter copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\ and press enter.

Step 5. Enter copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe and press enter.

Step 6. Close “Command Prompt” by typing exit and pressing enter.

Step 7. Remove the Windows installation disk and restart your computer.

Step 8. In the logon screen, press “Shift” 5 times.

Step 9. Enter net user <Username> <New Password> and then hit Enter button. 

Password-protect is not enough for your computer. You should get started with the best VPN to protect your online activity through the computer. Try RitaVPN now!

How to Unblock Websites to Bypass Geo Restrictions?

VPN,Bypass Geo Restrictions,Unblock Websites
How to Unblock Websites to Bypass Geo Restrictions?

When you are ready to go on your favorite site but you found that you are blocked. There are many reasons why sites have their web access blocked. Apart from legal and copyright issues, there are a number of nefarious explanations that governments give as to why they must block websites.

Oftentimes, the stated reason sounds legitimate, such as preventing hate speech or protecting national security. Yet in many instances, these are just an excuse to restrict free speech and silence political opponents.

Anyway, in order to access blocked content, you will need to use a VPN service

VPN is a very popular and affordable internet access option for many different needs and purposes, and VPN for blocked sites is definitely one of them.

In many cases, you can unblock websites at school or office and remain anonymous as well. 

As its name suggests, VPN is short for Virtual Personal Network. A VPN enables you to create a private network over a public network. It uses advanced tunneling and encryption technologies to hide your online data, making your activity online private, anonymous and almost untraceable. As per our experience and expert reviews, using a reliable VPN service is the best way to unblock websites with ease. All popular VPNs have their apps for PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc., which makes it easy to unblock sites at work or school.

VPN is used by people all over the world to gain access to banned websites, open blocked sites, unblock a video website, or unblock URLs that can’t be accessed.

It’s the main way that people get past the problem of a website blocker. Although some countries are cracking down on VPN use, and trying to curb the use of VPN, there’s no question that it’s the best solution available today for the problem of how to unblock websites. VPN download

How to Watch Hulu Outside the US?

watch hulu outside the US

Online streaming services, offering rich content such as TV shows, films and sports live, is becoming increasingly popular around the world. You can stream your favorite content on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO, and Amazon Prime anytime you want with a subscription. We are having more fun on the Internet.   

What is Hulu?

Trailing behind Netflix, Hulu is one of the biggest online streaming service providers in the US. It offers many channels for users to enjoy video streaming.  

Unfortunately, Hulu block access from outside the US along with other online services. That means you are not able to watch Hulu when you are not in the US. This is always annoying if a subscriber can’t stream videos on Hulu when traveling abroad. It is also a big problem for users living in other countries to unblock Hulu.

Unblock Hulu with a VPN

The most effective way to watch Hulu outside the US is to use a VPN (virtual private network). By connecting to a VPN server, it will assign you a new IP address. When you send a request via a US VPN server, Hulu will receive the request from that VPN server and allow you to access content on Hulu.

How to choose the best Hulu VPN?

If you are not familiar with how to choose the best VPN for Hulu, you can follow us to find one. Generally, there are three things you need to consider when looking for the best Hulu VPN: best US servers, no speed limitation and a no-logs policy.

A good VPN for you to watch Hulu must offer the best US servers. Besides, no restrictions on Internet connection and bandwidth guarantee you a bufferless streaming experience. Above all, the VPN that doesn’t record your online activity enhances your Internet privacy and security.  

But you should be aware of Hulu’s VPN ban. If the VPN server is blocked by Hulu, you can switch to another US server to go on with your online streaming.

What is a Proxy?


A proxy is a valuable tool to unblock websites for you. It also has many other benefits, including speeding up web browsing, blocking malware websites and enhancing online privacy.

Since most of us often mix the proxy and VPN, today we will learn what is a proxy, how a proxy works and the common types of proxy servers.  

What is a proxy? 

A proxy connects you to a remote computer on the Internet which acts as the gateway between you and the Internet.

It aims to make it impossible for the website to find out who made the request. The proxy server you connect will achieve this by masking your IP address with a different one.   

How does it work?

Every device connects to the Internet should have an IP address to send requests through the Internet. The website receives your request will identify you by your IP address.

When you connect to a proxy server, your request will be sent to the server first. Then, the proxy server will send your request to the website on your behalf. In this way, the website can only see that the request comes from the proxy server but not your device. When the proxy server retrieves the information you request, it will send it back to you.

Types of proxy servers

Anonymous proxy: It hides your IP address from your desired websites. So you can visit blocked websites by connecting to an anonymous proxy server that is not blocked by them.  

Reverse proxy: It collects requests from the clients on behalf of the servers in a private network and forwards requests to them.  

Transparent proxy: Widely used by schools and business to filter content, it doesn’t mask your IP address.

However, unlike a virtual private network, a proxy doesn’t encrypt your traffic, which leaves you vulnerable to data interceptions.