How to Watch fubo TV from Anywhere? Live Streaming

How to Watch Fubo TV from Anywhere

The Internet has made our life much more convenient than before. Whether you have no time to watch live sports or are away from your digital television, you’ve got another way to catch your favorite sports. It is easy to watch your favorite sports live on sports streaming platforms. You just need a fast Internet connection and a supported device.

What is fubo TV?

fubo TV is a streaming platform that is known for live streams of major sports events. Including MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL, etc. It gives you access to more than 180 channels and 130 events. Apart from sports, you can also watch many TV shows and movies on fubo TV.

fubo TV features a Cloud DVR that lets you record 30 hours of live sports and watch them later. You can either schedule a recording before the air of a match or record it during the airing. If you upgrade to Cloud DVR Plus, you will be able to save up to 500 hours of recordings.

You can watch fuboTV on Mac, Windows, Linux Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Pricing Plans: Whats the cost of fubo TV?

fubo TV allows you to try it out for seven days. There are 5 packages and various add-ons for you to choose from. Each package offers different content and features. fubo Standard is the most basic plan of fubo TV. Family and Family Plan with Showtime, as their names suggest, are perfect for family uses. If you are looking for the most content, the Ultra package is definitely a good choice. But you should note that it doesn’t come with a free trial.

Pick a plan to get started with fubo TV. If you are not satisfied with its service, you can cancel your plan at any time.  

1. fubo Standard: $54.99 per month

  • 109 channels – 130+ events in 4K
  • Cloud DVR – 30 hours of space
  • Standard Share – 2 screens at once

2. Family: $59.99 per month (normally $70.97 per month)

  • 109 channels – 130+ events in 4K
  • Cloud DVR Plus – 500 hours of space
  • Family Share – 3 screens at once

3. Family Plan with Showtime: $64.99 per month for first 3 months, $69.99 per month afterwards (normally $81.96 per month)

  • 118 channels – 130+ events in 4K
  • SHOWTIME – 9 channels with on demand
  • Cloud DVR Plus – 500 hours of space
  • Family Share – 3 screens at once

4. Ultra: $79.99 per month (normally $98.94 per month)

  • 180 channels – 130+ events in 4K
  • fubo Extra – 40 entertainment channels
  • SHOWTIME – 9 channels with on demand
  • Sports Plus – 22 high-energy channels
  • Cloud DVR Plus – 500 hours of space
  • Family Share – 3 screens at once

5. Fútbol Quarterly: $19.99 per month (normally $34.98 per month)

  • 30 channels – 130+ events in 4K
  • Cloud DVR Plus – 500 hours of space
  • Standard Share – 2 screens at once

While the cost of Add-ons ranges from $4.99 per month for AMC Premiere to $14.99 per month for Portuguese Plus.

Can I watch fubo TV outside the US?

Except for the United States, fubo is also available in Canada and Spain. However, you can only watch limited content on fubo TV. If you want to access a larger library of content, you have to stream fubo TV from the US.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick that helps you watch fubo TV and enjoy most programming outside the United States. That is a virtual private network. No matter where you are, a VPN is in handy to help you change your IP address. By connecting to a US server of the VPN service, you appear to access fubo TV from the US. Thus, your request for the US library of fubo TV will be approved.  

Can I use a free VPN to watch fubo TV?

Many times users do ask the possibility of streaming fubo TV with a free VPN. While it is possible to access thousands of free VPN on the web to stream fubo TV, you should know that many of them are dangerous to your online security and privacy. They may steal your information for malicious online activities that could land you in a mess. This is why we repeated again and again that you should use a reputable VPN like RitaVPN. Besides, the payment plans for RitaVPN are very affordable for anyone. You can try RitaVPN out for free by watching ads and then proceeds to a subscription which is just the cost of a cup of coffee per month.  

How to use RitaVPN to unblock fubo TV?

To use RitaVPN for unblocking fubo TV is less bulky. Below are the guided steps on how to set up and make use of it.

  • First, we recommend that you have your fubo TV app on the same device that you will be running your RitaVPN app on. RitaVPN is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, which makes RitaVPN the perfect choice. 
  • Then, head to and download the desktop version for your computer. Otherwise, go to Google Play Store or App Store for the mobile version of the VPN.
  • After your download is done, sign up or log into RitaVPN if you already have an account and proceed to make your payment. RitaVPN offers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan that comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • When you’ve signed up for RitaVPN and completed your payment, select the right server and connect. For this service, you should choose no other server but that of the US.
  • When your VPN is connected, pick a pricing plan from fubo TV to start streaming shows even if you are outside the US.  
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