How to Create a Stealth Online Profile?

How to Create a Stealth Online Profile

Creating a stealth online profile means creating a secret or private profile, such that you cannot be traced as the owner. When taking of profile, it refers to personal details such as name, address, email, pictures, and phone numbers. 

It is not that difficult to create a stealth online profile and this article will be telling you all that you need to create one.

Why do you need to create a Stealth Online Profile?

The major reason why people create stealth accounts is to browse the web anonymously. Your details and information should not be disclosed on every website you come across. Privacy should be everyone’s concern so it is necessary to keep private details private. 

You might want to create an account on a platform that is restricted to your country or geographical area.

Take for instance PayPal which is not available in some countries; a stealth profile makes it able for people in such countries to still create PayPal accounts which can receive and send money.

Other instances include geo-restricted websites such as freelancing sites, streaming sites, gambling or cryptocurrency websites.

A stealth online profile also keeps one safe from hackers as no original Information is disclosed.

How to create a Stealth Online Profile – Things You Will Need

1. Make use of VPN

One of the most important things needed in creating a stealth online profile is a new IP address. Since you do not want to be identified, you must change your IP address so your network cannot be traced. A good VPN service provider can help you achieve this. 

Besides that, VPNs also help to protect your web traffic from third party interference. They also give you access to censored websites that you ordinarily cannot access. 

Nevertheless, RitaVPN is the best VPN to use in this case, it is recommended for anyone who wants to create a stealth online profile. This VPN gives you a new location and lets you surf the web anonymously with complete privacy. Moreover, the data you send and receive is encrypted using OpenVPN protocols and AES-256. 

2. Fake online profile generator

These tools do what the description says, they help you create a fake online profile. To create a stealth online profile, you are not using your original profile details so you need fake profile details. 

You can easily sit down and come up with any random name, date of birth, country of origin and others. But, to save you the stress and time you can use a fake online profile generator to get all these fake details. 

There are so many of these on the Internet you can use by carrying out a quick search. A recommended fake online generator you can use is Fake Person Generator. This tool lets you create a fake profile In less than 30 seconds. You can create a random fake profile or customized fake profile with it. 

3. Fake Bio generator

Biodata goes hand in hand with a profile so it’s important to have one ready. You should know what a bio is, they are short descriptions that talk about the character of a person. 

Bio is needed mostly for social media accounts especially on Twitter and Instagram. You might also want to create a stealth dating profile online and a bio will be needed for your profile set up to be completed. 

You can always write a bio yourself but a bio generator will make the process easier. They generate fake bio information randomly so you do not need to do the thinking. 

Character Generator Is an ideal fake bio generator to use. Simply enter a few details and it will write a bio for you. 

4. Virtual phone number

The work of virtual phone numbers is to let you receive calls whilst keeping your phone number private. You certainly need this you want to create a stealth online profile. 

How do virtual phone numbers work? It’s simple, you link a random phone number to your original phone number. Whenever the random number is called or text, you receive it through your original number. 

The thing here is that the digits of your original phone number are not disclosed. You can create many virtual numbers as you need to and they will all link to your original phone number. 

There are various apps you can use to create a virtual number such as; Dingtone, Nextiva, Grasshopper, and RingCentral. These services are not free, you pay to make use of them. 

5. Anonymous email address

When it comes to online profiles, an email address cannot be skipped as it is needed on almost every platform. Creating an anonymous email address Is important to keep your online profile stealth and maintain your privacy. 

To create an anonymous email address, you can simply make use of email service providers such as Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and others. You just need to ensure that the username and every other account details do not reflect your original identity. 

You can also choose to go for private email service providers that are primarily made for privacy. A recommended private email service provider is ProtonMail.

6. Profile picture

Last but not in any way least is your profile picture. You would need to provide profile pictures for online platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail and so many more. In creating a stealth online profile, it is important that you avoid making use of your pictures. 

You can simply use random images of places, drawings, quotes, and others from royalty-free image sites. Besides, royalty-free image sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, UnSplash, etc. are reputable for having free images of individuals of all races whether male, female as well as young or old individuals.


It does not take much to create a stealth online profile. All you need is to avoid providing your original details while browsing the Internet. Of all, VPN is the most important and you should go for RitaVPN.

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Besides, VPN service masks your real location thereby proving you with online anonymity which is the main aim of creating a stealth online profile.

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