Best Online Privacy Policy Generators

Best Online Privacy Policy Generators

In this post, we will show you some of the best online privacy policy generators you can use for your online service or website.

There are online privacy policy generators that you can use to quickly create one. You do not need to do any work other than just entering a few details about your website. 

This article will be looking at the best online privacy policy generators that one can use. Before we get to the listing, why do you need a privacy policy?

Why you need a privacy policy?

To define, privacy policies are documents that state how a website collects data from visitors, how It manages these data and what they are used for. This is a very important page that websites should have. 

When you collect private details from your site visitors, you need to have a privacy policy. Private details, in this case, include details like names, addresses, emails, telephone numbers, and others. With a privacy policy, your site visitors will understand why they need to enter these details and what you intend doing with them.

It would be illegal if you collect information from site visitors without your site having a privacy policy. Your site visitors have the right to sue you to court if you collect their details without stating why in a concise privacy policy. 

What to include in your privacy policy?

If you want to make use of an online privacy policy to create one for your site, there are key elements it needs to contain. Some of these are; 

  • Type of information you collect; your privacy policy should clearly state the type of details you collect from your visitors. It should not miss anyone. 
  • How the information is collected; the method you use in collect information should also be stated. The most common method site collects information from visitors is by sign up and subscriptions. 
  • Reason to collect the information: you cannot just ask your site visitors to enter their details for no reason. There must be a purpose and it should be stated in your privacy policy. 
  • Who can access the information: you might send the information you collect to a third party. Your privacy policy should tell your visitors who and who has access to their details. 
  • How secure is the information: since you are collecting private details of people (especially credit card details), you need to ensure your visitors that the information is secure. You should state how you aim to keep the information secure. 
  • Policy update notification: from time to time, you should update your privacy policy. Visitors need to know when the policy gets updated so your method of notifying them should be stated. 

Not having a privacy policy means your site would be trusted. It might be considered as a scam website since visitors don’t know what their information is used for. This can result in you losing both old and new visitors. All these can be avoided by simply creating a privacy policy.

Best Online Privacy Policy Generators

Below are some of the best online privacy policy generators you can use. These are free tools that can be used to create very professional privacy policy statements; 

  • Shopify

A lot of people use Shopify e-commerce software to manage their online selling platforms. Shopify features a free policy generator on their website so anyone can easily create a privacy policy for their businesses.

The Shopify free privacy policy generator tool is easy to use. It creates legal policies that comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. You can generate a privacy policy with Shopify in just a few minutes, you just need to enter your website information in 2 steps. 

  • Free Privacy Policy

Just as the description, this is a free privacy policy generator everyone can access. It is a popular online privacy policy generators and one of the best as it is intuitive. 

One can use Free Privacy Policy to create privacy policies that adhere to requirements by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act of 2003 (CalOPPA). The policies also comply with Google Analytics and Google AdSenselaws amongst others. It is an easy-to-use tool and very customizable.

  • Getterms

If you need a very simple privacy policy, is a recommended online privacy policy generator. It creates basic privacy policies that are ideal if your website does not collect much information from visitors. This tool received 4.97 stars out of 5 from customers who have used it. 

Creating a privacy policy with Getterms takes less than a minute. Just basic details of your site and address are needed for it to be generated. Getterms also features custom and comprehensive types of policies but these are paid. 

  • PrivacyPolicies

PrivacyPolicies is one of the best online privacy policies as it lets you completely customize your policy. It is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes to be done. 

This tool generates privacy policy based on your country of residence. This results in your policy meeting the requirements of your privacy laws. Privacy policies generated on PrivacyPolicies meet the requirements of CalOPPA and GDPR. 

  • Termsfeed

One can use Termsfeed to generate privacy policies for websites, applications, social media pages and more. It is completely free and complies with CalOPPA and GDPR requirements. 

This tool is simple to use; it takes 4 steps to collect your information after which your privacy policy will be displayed. 

Are Website Visitors Guaranteed by the Online Privacy Policy?

As a website visitor, on the other hand, you should ensure you privatize your online data by not disclosing your real IP information to any websites you visit. It has been the norm for notable online services such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and the likes to utilize their users’ private information to serve targeted advertisements to them. Moreover, some of these online services have extensive privacy policies which might be too bulky to read yet they sell their users’ data for advertisement.

Nevertheless, to protect your online identity and to evade targeted advertisements based on your website histories, online searches, etc., you need to make use of a trustworthy VPN service provider which will guarantee your online anonymity.

One of such reliable VPN service provider you can count on is RitaVPN. This is one of the best VPN service providers which is reputable for unblocking websites, unblocking streaming services, and all form of geo-restricted content online.

By subscribing to any of the RitaVPN pricing packages, you can access the internet in a guaranteed privacy mode through your mobile and/or desktop devices irrespective of the privacy policy in place by the websites you visit. That way, you are assured of online privacy.

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If you collect private details from visitors, you need a privacy policy on your site. These online privacy policies generators help you develop legitimate privacy policies easily. They save you the stress of doing it yourself and the cost of hiring a professional to write one for you. 

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