Popular Adult Site Offers Free Premium Access to Italians in Lockdown

Popular Adult Site Offers Free Premium Access to Italians in Lockdown

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic.

So far, more than 100 countries around the world have confirmed cases of COVID-19. While China has slowed the coronavirus spread by aggressive measures, Italy becomes the worst affected country outside China, with more than 17,600 confirmed cases and more than 1,200 deaths.

Italy has adopted tougher measures to fight against the coronavirus outbreak, putting the whole country under lockdown. Except for pharmacies, grocery stores, banks and public transports, all the other unnecessary shops should stay closed, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, beauty salons, etc. A once-vaunted health care system is now struggling to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Luckily, efforts are taken by individuals and groups to go through this dark time. Pornhub, the world’s most popular pornographic video sharing and pornography website, is also doing something for the fight.

Pornhub allows Italians to watch premium content for free

According to a tweet of its official twitter account, Pornhub is offering premium membership to people living in Italy because the entire country is in lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Pornhub is donating its March proceeds from Modelhub to support Italy during this unfortunate time (model earnings will remain untouched). Italy will also have free access to Pornhub Premium throughout the month. Forza Italia, we love you! “

– Pornhub

That is to say, throughout the rest of March, Italians can watch all premium content on Pornhub without paying a dime or providing a credit card. It will also donate earnings from Modelhub to help Italy fight against COVID-19.

If you are in Italy, you will read the following sentence on its website.

Pornhub allows Italians to watch premium content for free

In English, it means “ Pornhub has decided to donate its Modelhub March revenue to help Italy overcome the emergency. To keep you accompany at home during these weeks, you’ll be able to access Pornhub Premium for free for the whole month, with no need for a credit card.” 

Used 42 billion times in 2019, Pornhub got 115 million visitors per day. The US, Japan and the UK ranked the top three in Pornhub’s top 20 countries by traffic in 2019. While Italy took the seventh spot. On average, Italian spends around 10 minutes and 5 seconds on this adult site. Pornhub’s decision is helpful in keeping Italians stay at home, avoiding cross-contamination.

Security risks of visiting adult sites

It’s dangerous outside as coronavirus spread rapidly. But it is not safe on the Internet, either. It’s an urgent task to take precautions to protect our online privacy, especially when visiting an adult website.

First of all, any coronavirus-related news can be exploited by hackers and cybercriminals to perform attacks to you.

Besides, your IP address is your identity online. If you stay unprotected while browsing the Internet or watching videos, your IP address is visible to others. With your IP address, they can trace back to you and collect more of your information.

What’s worse, it is not difficult for online trackers to monitor your online activity. Your traffic data might be intervened by these online snoopers to further compromise your privacy. If you don’t care for your Internet privacy and security, your private data will end up in the wrong hands.

Use a VPN

It is a suggestion we have repeated again and again that you should always use a virtual private network (VPN) to visit adult sites like Pornhub. When you connect to RitaVPN, it will help you mask your real IP address and encrypt your Internet traffic. In this way, you are safe from hackers and cybercriminals.

Aside from protecting you from hackers and cybercriminals, a VPN service also hides your online activity so that nobody else knows that you are watching porn on Pornhub. A VPN is exactly what you need when you don’t want anyone else to know what you do online.

RitaVPN – free trials

If you are not sure you want to subscribe to a VPN yet, check out RitaVPN which offers you free trials. RitaVPN offers a 6-hour free trial. After it expires, mobile users can also use RitaVPN for free by watching ads. By connecting to a server of RitaVPN, you can hide your IP address and establish an encrypted tunnel between you and the server. Then, your real location and online activity will be kept only to yourself. In addition, RitaVPN is also good at unblocking popular websites for you, which allows you to access geo-blocked content during the quarantine.

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