What is the best VPN for Italy? Unblock Website, Privacy, and Security

What is the best VPN for Italy

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and also a historically valuable country. Italy is rich with marvelous architectural techniques. Throughout the year Italy is full of local and foreign tourists. Even that country is filled with visitors all the time, there is a proper national security system and a cyber-security system. Now you may have some doubt about, why Italian need support from VPN services if there is such type of security system within the country. Refer to this article until the end, so that you can clear your doubt. And also, this will be very useful for you if you are willing to move to Italy.

Online Freedom in Italy

63% of the Italian population is using the internet daily and the maximum speed is around 36 Mbps and for the mobile connections, it is about 30.3 Mbps.

Even though there is internet freedom up to a maximum level, there are reports of legal intimidation and other threats against journalists and writers online.  

Did you know that Italy is one of the members of 14 Eye Country?

Yes, Italy is a member of 14 Eye Country. Therefore, important secret information is exchanged among these countries. Even though Italy is a leading country regarding internet privacy and security, they also have to collect and distribute information according to the requirements of CID and other intelligence units.

As there is a strong security system with anti-torrenting laws and the Italian government has the ability to take the privacy data of individuals, the best solution to browse safely on the internet is the use of a trustworthy VPN service.

How can a VPN provider protect your private data while using the internet in Italy?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) protection is the best way for Italian residents and other visitors to the country to protect their internet activities from outsiders while they are in Italy. A VPN service is very helpful to prevent from being monitored by ISP and hackers. So, the government or any other hacker cannot access any details of user’s online activities and their personal and business information.

Another feature that VPN users will find very useful is the service’s ability to make the user’s connection appear to be from a different location. So, the internet user has the freedom to access restricted websites and also to do torrenting.  

Data retention laws in Italy

In 2006, the European Union adopted the Data Retention Directive, requiring ISPs to collect specific information like IP address, logging date and time… etc. about subscribers.

So, the Internet service Providers have to keep the information securely regarding the log activities of users for about a minimum time period of one year.

In March 2017, the Senate voted for a new bill that would regulate unauthorized access to criminal investigations.

What are the necessaries to use a VPN in Italy?

Confederation of Italy as a “14 eye” country is a major reason to use VPN in Italy. As well, if you live out of Italy, you necessarily have to take the support of a VPN service to watch Italian TV shows. Moreover, if you live in Italy, you need a VPN to access websites that are blocked through Geo locations like Netflix, HBO, HULU. Although we have already mentioned that no internet restrictions are enforced in Italy, hackers and cyber attackers can be anywhere disguising law. Your internet security and privacy are your responsibility. So, it is important that you use a VPN service within Italy

Banned Content

Italy does not block or filter the content of any blog, social network or web site, whether religious, social or political in nature. Blocking and filtering are limited to those who contain content on child abuse, gambling, terrorism, and copyright infringement.

Social Media of Italy

Fines and penalties for fake news reports or hate campaigns have been introduced in the Italian Senate, but the proposals have not yet been made into law.

Streaming Sites

YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular broadcast video sites are abundant in Italy. But there is no obstacle for them.

Legality of VPN

Using VPNs in Italy is legal. As is usual, the use of VPN by the Commission on Illegal Activities is strongly discouraged.

What are the advantages of using a VPN in Italy?

Privacy against surveillance

Italy’s intelligence agencies can intercept your communications and hack your data without your permission. This question was actually raised by the United Nations. Although Italy is a 14-eye country, VPN can keep your privacy away from this government oversight.

Unblock streaming services

It doesn’t matter as long as you’re in Italy. However, if you travel abroad, you lose access to all streaming channels. But there is a good solution to this issue. If you are using a recommended VPN service like RitaVPN you can avoid these issues.

Safe from cyber-attacks

Even though there is a good security system in Italy, there are probabilities to face cyber-attacks in Italy too. According to a survey by Statista, 41.9% of Italians are victims of malware attacks, which highlights the importance of security tools such as VPN in the country.

What are the contents that have blocked in Italy?

  • Violation of copyrights
  • 18+ contents
  • Content that raises the theme of rights-infringement and corruption
  • Drug promotions
  • Content that covers the idea of national security
  • Contents that are contrary to economic needs.

Best VPN for Italy: Conclusion

When you consider the above-mentioned facts, you can have the idea that it is very beneficial to use a VPN service when using the internet within Italy. A VPN service should have the ability to keep all your data secured while you are surfing on the internet. If the VPN service you have selected is not capable of protecting your data, you will be hacked and your privacy will be lost even without your knowledge.

By selecting the best VPN service, your IP location and the log activities will be kept hide from third parties. For that RitaVPN is a good example. So, use RitaVPN service and browse on the internet safely while you are in Italy.

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