Who is Tracking You Online

Online Tracking

Why the ads I see are precisely customized to my needs? That is a question you may frequently ask yourself. The answer to this question is that someone somewhere is tracking you through the Internet.

Want to avoid being tracked online? Sure. Internet users have realized the risks of surfing the Internet without any protection. Their concern over online privacy and security is growing. But you need to figure out who is keeping a track of your online activity and what’s their purposes first.

If you want to read some articles about this, you’ve come to the right place.   

What is online tracking?

Online tracking refers to the activity of third parties to keep a track of your browsing history and collect your information, including the websites you visit, how much time you’ve spent on each website, and private information like email address and bank details.

Who is tracking me?

Internet service provider

Your ISP can track you online by your IP address. To limit network congestion or server crashes, your ISP will accordingly slow down your Internet connection if it detects large downloading or other practices that will overload the server.

In certain regions, ISP is also allowed to make money off users by selling their data to advertiser companies or marketers.  

Search engines

Searches engines are monitoring your query searches. No matter how stupid the question is, it will be collected and stored by the search engine. Google search is definitely a good example. Google, a big tech company, is famous for collecting user data to customize their ads.  

Websites you visit

Since Google tracks users online to display targeted ads, it’s no wonder most websites collect user info to provide better experiences for them. Or you won’t be able to enjoy personalized content on their websites.  

Online services

Like search engines and website owners, online service providers also keep users’ browsing habits to improve their services.

For instance, if you watch game competitions on YouTube, then you will be recommended with relevant videos.

Mobile apps

You may get precise feed when opening a mobile app and wondering how come your apps know more about yourself. The truth is that even mobile apps are tracking your activity.  


The fast-growing technology enables the government to keep an eye on netizens. All your online activity and even your personal information are known to the government. You have no idea how much the government knows about you.  


Your boss is watching you!

It is possible for employers to monitor their employees through the network they offer. All traffic travel through the employer’s network is visible to the network provider. You should be aware of such kind of online tracking.   


Last but not least, the convenient Internet also allows hackers to get access to what you do online by using some techniques or tools. Your identifiable information and Internet activity can be stolen by them.

There are so many trackers online that you need to protect you with some security tools. RitaVPN that cares about your privacy and security is a good choice.

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