What is the best VPN for Romania?

What is the best VPN for Romania

Romania is notable for its fastest internet speed in the world. Just like other internet regulation countries, Romania joined the queue by enacting a law that governs the internet usage.

While Romanians enjoy its freedom, the authorities make moves to regulate some online content with proposed laws governing them. The only way around this is with a good VPN. The laws prevent certain content from exposure.

As a result, you may be restricted when trying to access these web contents. A good VPN offers a wide variety of servers. The benefits don’t stop there, as it also consists of high-speed and no data limit.

Reason for content blockage in Romania

Looking at the genesis of this, we noticed the friendliness of the Romanian government towards the internet. They are not strict about its usage, but they recently began cracking down on citizens without hesitation. As a result, they place restrictions on certain online content. Some areas include sports betting/gambling, online racism, and more.

Although gambling isn’t termed illegal, only licensed citizens do it online without consequent attachments. Some gambling platforms block you from gaining accessibility because of the laws governing you regionally. When in this situation, you may be able to access the site, but it’s big trouble if you get caught while signing up.

Reasons for using a VPN on Romania

Aside from registering on gambling websites, there are other uses and need for a VPN. You may choose to watch your favorite TV channels, only to notice a barricade. Some TV channels abroad are likely set for usage with a VPN, but cannot work without one if you are within a geo-blocked region. The best adoption for you is a good VPN.

With one, you can mask and spoof your IP address to access and unblock websites. A VPN deceives external servers into thinking that you’re one of them. In other words, it assigns you with one within the region of your choice. This makes it easier, as you can choose whichever region that supports the content you wish to stream. 

Not only that, the online platforms then believe that you are one of them, making it suitable for you. All of these sum up to give you a satisfactory and good moment online.

Another thing a VPN does is encrypting all of its servers. Yours become encrypted and fully secured, only you know what you’re surfing. ISPs? Internet regulators? None of them would know about your browsing history. It becomes completely anonymous.

What features composes a good VPN?

Notably, not all VPNs work on the same level. Some consist of the same features but vary when it comes to the implementation strategies. Specifically, those features help to yield better performance and are suitable for use in Romania. Nonetheless, the things to find in a good VPN are as follows:

  • High encryption ability

This feature enables access to restricted areas without getting your server penetrated. Hence, your browsing history is at the utmost level that no third party can obtain your browsing log.

  • Keeps no log

Some VPNs speak of securing your privacy, but still, give out your log, and sometimes sell them for profit. A good VPN, however, consists of privacy and security services without keeping any of your logs.

  • Availability of servers

Just so you have many server options to pick from, a good VPN provides you with many as possible. Just surf through to choose one within your preferred location.

  • High speed

High speed is very much needed in a VPN. It helps you to enjoy streaming with comfort. The absence of it brings nothing less than frustration.

Can you use a free VPN?

Since free VPNs are an attractive prospect, it wouldn’t be right to recommend them for usage in Romania. Free plans come with limited features. Furthermore, they do not perform at an optimal level. One common difference between a paid and free VPN is a high-speed connection, which you will only find in a paid plan. 

Considerably, you may not be able to gain entry to a blocked website. Why? Free VPNs are easily detected and blacklisted by the copyright holders. Some of them are made for just design sake, as they cannot even make an entry to your supposed content.

As said earlier, most free VPNs may come with the motive of keeping your logs. They store your browsing history and sell them to earn income in turn.

To optimize your privacy and security, use a reputable VPN. One that is ready to stand up for you, and has a successful history.

RitaVPN: The best privacy tool for Romania

Look no further, what you seek is right here; a reliable VPN tool that has coverage on its considered areas. It lets you browse at high-speed, also providing secure and encrypted servers. The setup process is instant. You can visit the website to see a setup guide.

RitaVPN stands out, keeps your anonymity, and doesn’t store any of your logs. The speed at which it works is suitable to take you through every corner of the internet.

Pricing details

RitaVPN consists of three paid plans although you can spot the difference in the usage duration. Nevertheless, here are the pricing plans available;

  • One year – $5.42 per month
  • Three months – $5.66 per month
  • One month – $6.99 per month

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Romania is friendly when it comes to using the internet. However, the recently placed regulations can resist your entry into some content. For this reason, I recommend using RitaVPN, a safe, fast, and secure privacy tool. Check what other users have to say about this tool here.

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