What is the Best VPN for Saudi Arabia?

What is the Best VPN for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, popularly known as the home of Islam, is home to many Muslim faithful on a yearly pilgrimage to the holy land. Many people including celebrities, billionaires, and presidents of nations visit Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage. The Saudi Arabian government is strict on keeping their beliefs which is why they heavily censor and restrict internet activities especially those relating to politics, religion, and the royal family.

According to Freedom House, Saudi Arabia is ranked “not free” in terms of internet freedom. The government regularly tries to monitor the online activities of its residents. To sanitize its internet space, the Saudi Arabian government has restricted access to several websites and internet services from within the country. The good news is that you can bypass the restrictions placed by the government by using the best Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Saudi Arabia – RitaVPN.

Internet Restriction in Saudi Arabia

Internet users in Saudi Arabia face two major challenges while surfing the internet. The first being the government censorship and blocking of websites, the second is geo-restriction. Over the years the Saudi Arabian government has been trying to control activities that happen on the internet most especially politics and religion. The government has arrested bloggers and online activists who post anti-government posts online.

In 2007, the Anti-Cyber Crime Law was enacted. This law places certain restrictions on freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia. Defaulters of this law could end up with a fine payment of up to $800,000 or up to five years imprisonment. The government also blocks websites that are deemed to contain immoral or anti-Islamic content. File sharing and gambling websites are also blocked in Saudi Arabia. However, social media websites still function partially in Saudi Arabia (their messenger or chatting extensions are blocked). Also, most internet services that require Voice Over IP (VOIP) are strictly controlled by the government. 

Some major websites like Netflix, Hulu, and the likes can either be partially accessible or inaccessible from Saudi Arabia due to geo-restrictions. Netflix can be accessed from Saudi Arabia but its contents are strictly censored, thereby restricting you from watching popular shows and movies available to Netizens in the U.S.

If you want to enjoy the full capabilities of the internet and remain anonymous as a visitor or a resident of Saudi Arabia, opt for RitaVPN because it opens up the world to you over the internet while keeping you safe from government monitoring.

Is VPN Usage Legal in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. It is legal to use a VPN in Saudi Arabia, but you have to be careful with the type of VPN you use. Most VPN websites are blocked in the country and some of the few available ones do not completely protect you from the government. This might leave you wondering about the best VPN to use for Saudi Arabia. Read on.

What Is The Best VPN For Saudi Arabia?

In a country where freedom and privacy are not respected by the government, and strict surveillance is the order of the day, you must take extra measures to make sure someone is not spying on your data. After many tests and considerations, I can confidently tell you that RitaVPN is the best VPN for Saudi Arabia.

RitaVPN takes your security and privacy as its utmost priority. RitaVPN makes use of secure tunneling protocols to provide high-grade, end-to-end encryption. When using RitaVPN, your real IP address is masked and your data is encrypted with AES-256 encryption which makes it impossible for hackers to steal your data. RitaVPN will help you bypass government security traps even when you are connected to open Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to RitaVPN’s vast range of servers, you can also access geo-restricted or blocked websites from Saudi Arabia. RitaVPN assures you of all-round security and privacy. 

Features of RitaVPN

RitaVPN has many features that make it the best VPN for Saudi Arabia. Some of the features are:

  • Real-time online privacy and security: RitaVPN provides security from the ever-monitoring government institutions.
  • High-grade AES-256 encryption: RitaVPN makes use of AES-256 encryption to protect your data from hackers or the government.
  • IP address spoofing: With RitaVPN, your real IP address is concealed. It takes you above the government’s radar because you will appear to be browsing from another country.
  • Strict no-logs policy: RitaVPN operates on a strict no-logs policy. Your activity is not recorded anywhere which makes you difficult to track.
  • A vast number of servers: RitaVPN has a wide range of servers in several countries worldwide.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: You get unlimited bandwidth with RitaVPN. This enhances your internet connectivity while streaming content online.
  • RitaVPN gives you access to your favorite geo-restricted and blocked websites like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and others.
  • Kill switch: RitaVPN has a kill switch feature that immediately terminates your internet connection when there is interference in the network.
  • Real-time tech support: Amid having 100% uptime, RitaVPN has a great technical support team to assist you in solving technical issues (if any).
  • Cross-platform: RitaVPN can be used across all platforms and devices ranging from Windows, Mac, iOS to Android and others.
  • RitaVPN is easy to use for beginners without technical knowledge.
  • RitaVPN supports up to 4 devices.
  • RitaVPN also offers a free trial and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

RitaVPN Pricing Plans

RitaVPN has three affordable pricing plans which are:

  • Monthly plan – unlimited access for a month at the rate of $10.99.
  • 6-Months plan – you get a 25% discount on RitaVPN services for six months by paying just $49.99.
  • One year plan – This is the most advisable plan to subscribe to because you only pay $64.99 for a year! That is a 50% discount on premium services for one year.

Four Easy Steps to Use RitaVPN

  1. Go to the RitaVPN official website.
  2. Select and pay for any plan of your choice (most advisable yearly plan).
  3. Download and Install RitaVPN on your devices.
  4. Connect to any server you want!

It’s as simple as that! You don’t want to end up with a fine or doing jail time for posting or saying your mind on the internet. RitaVPN can save you from the hassles of watching over your back at all times. With this best VPN service, you have the power to surf the internet privately, freely and fairly. Whenever you think of the best VPN for Saudi Arabia, think RitaVPN.

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