Best Mobile Apps for Undergraduates 

Best Mobile Apps for Undergraduates

Since the evolution of mobile apps, we can’t deny the fact that most tasks are becoming easier. Almost every mobile users use apps for more manageable tasks, college students are not excluded. If you are an undergraduate student looking for the best mobile app that shouldn’t be excluded on your device, then read to the end.

In this post, we have included all list of apps that every undergraduate student should make use of for better education. Since technology growth and the traditional education system is fading, using any one of the below-listed apps can make studying fun and encouraging.

1. Istudiez Pro Legend (Assignment and study tracker)

Many students are always forgetful of the deadline for their assignments and time for a specific class. With Istudiez Pro Legend, you can put your assignment, class schedule, and grades in one place for close monitoring. The app has a mobile and computer version that costs $2.99 and $9.99, respectively.

2. Chegg (For discounts on Textbooks)

Using Chegg, you can rent and buy all your school textbooks in there. Using this app, you can get an incredible discount percentage on school textbooks, unlike the price you see on school bookshop. If you are done using a textbook, you have the privilege of selling them in this app to students who might need them. From this, you can make extra cash for the semester.

3. Uber (Stress-free Transportation)

Do we need to introduce this? When you are running late for class, your best option is to get a quick Uber transportation to your destination. This is not limited to college parties or even a get-together with your colleagues. You can schedule a ride in advance to avoid any delays.

4. Evernote (Taking notes and organized)

Do away with your pocket jotter or notebook for Evernote. With this app, you can take your note-taking to a further level. Whether you are brainstorming on a subject, study, making a list, sketching, or taking pictures of pages, Evernote serves for that purpose. Also, share these notes with your contacts while still keeping it organized.

5. RitaVPN (Staying Protected and Anonymous) 

The use of a VPN is not meant for cooperate companies or firms but can be useful for students too. Using RitaVPN, you can easily protect your online presence and as well as unlock sites with IP restriction. RitaVPN is available for download for both mobile and PC; therefore, you can download it on your iOS, Android as well as Windows and Mac PC.

6. Duolingo (Learn new Language)

There is no best time to learn a new language than when you are in college. With Duolingo, you can easily learn a new language and interact with students from foreign countries. You don’t just learn a new language when you use Duolingo, but you will also learn to write it.  

7. Dictionary (Learning the Meaning of Words)

We don’t need to tell you how important this is, do we? A dictionary app is one app that every undergraduate student shouldn’t waver to install. There are thousands of dictionary apps out there to choose from; the best of them include Merriam-Webster or even Oxford Dictionary. The best part is that they are free, unlike some listed apps mentioned here.

8. Scanner Pro (Digital Scanning)

You don’t need to run in search of the nearest scanning machine whenever you need to scan a document. Installing Scanner Pro will save you this stress. This digital ‘portable’ scanner helps you scan your documents, specific pages in a textbook, or test in high-quality mode. Though it cost $3.99; this is a one-time fee that will save numerous time.   

9. LitCharts (Understanding Literature)

This app is convenient for literature students, especially those who find it very difficult to understand the true concept of literature. In it contain hundreds of outlines, quotes, and reviews of collected works. It is available for download for both Android and iOS mobile users.

10. Flashcards+ (Mastering Aid)

It is stated by cognitive scientific research that flashcard is a very effective study method that makes assimilation and mastering of a subject easy. With Flashcard+ it becomes possible to assimilate topics. If you are using Chegg, Flashcards+ is offered free. So you can access thousands of already created flashcards of different subjects. You can also create your own flashcards and add images of your choice.  

11. MyScript or Scientific Calculator (Advancing Calculating)

College students shouldn’t be caught using the simple ‘everyday’ traditional calculators which are used by high school students. If you feel there isn’t any need for it, wait till you are faced with a mathematical equation or complex equation. Especially if you are a mathematics, engineering or computer sciences student. MyScript can be a great choice as it will identify your handwriting and assist you to absorb math properly. It comes with a one-time fee of $1.99.

12. Mint (For Finances)

Undergraduate students are always known for losing track of their expenses. Using Mint can assist you to manage your credit cards, bills, and spending in one app. It tells you how much money you are spending and where the larger amount of your money goes to for lesser spending. It is available for free download in both android and iOS version.

13. Headspace (For Meditation)

Meditating is very beneficial to students for better performance. As the name implies, Headspace provides remarkable meditation practices that help you control and calm both the body and mind to release away stress. The meditation process involves a step by step guide with tracks of your progress. Headspace is available in both android and iOS with free and paid membership.

Just a reminder, when using any of the above-listed apps, ensure your entire device is protected with RitaVPN for maximum online protection. RitaVPN offers varieties of payment plans that are very suitable for students.

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