Why root Android phones? The pros and cons of Rooting

Why root Android phones The pros and cons of Rooting

So you’ve just completed discovering your new Android mobile and testing all of its functionalities. But unexpectedly, you notice there are certain limits imposed by the company that prevents you from having complete control over your mobile. There comes the term “Rooting,” which provides you full access to your phone.

What is Rooting?

The Android phone operates a private and commercial-use operating system. Many functions have also been deactivated, as with most operating systems, either for long term use or to stop an informal user from causing irreparable harm to the operating system.

  • Rooting is the method of removing restrictions and allowing full control over the operating system.
  • After rooting the device, the android user gets more authority over the features, performance, and settings of the mobile phone.
  • Rooting implies getting admin privileges in the os and being able to make massive changes.
  • You can fully customize the themes and graphics of your device after rooting.
  • Rooting provides you some extra features like you can install any application in your device.

What are the advantages of rooting

1.   Full access

After purchasing a new mobile when you came to know that you don’t have complete control over your device. What’s the reason behind that? Well, you possibly won’t brick it unintentionally. Most of the users don’t find it right, and they need full control over their device. That’s what Rooting does and gives you the full rights to the functions of your mobile that enable you to be a Superuser, and you can control all the features of your device

2.   Custom ROMs

The most significant benefit of any Android phone being rooted is that it facilitates you to install the custom ROMs. Custom ROMs give your system many quality fixes and adjustments and are usually user-friendly. The performance and battery life of your mobile phone can be increased by installing Custom ROMs. Custom ROMS are also available online, and you can buy from there.

3.   Ad-blocking for other apps

Ad-blocking on an internet browser is easy and straightforward; however, on a mobile device, it becomes way more complicated. In most applications and games, pop-ups are regarded as a frequent issue, but rooting gets rid of everything.

4.   Remove the pre-installed apps

Each Android device comes with many pre-installed applications from the manufacturer. Most of these apps are useful, but some of them are worthless, and you can’t even uninstall them. But after rooting these devices, you can get rid of these useless applications from your device.

5.   Installing the Incompatible Apps

There could be multiple applications that are not compatible with your device, and you cannot install these apps. But Rooting allows you to access all kinds of apps. You can also enjoy the latest updates along with the extra features of these applications. After rooting your mobile, you can install the root access apps, which are more potent than regular apps. These apps handle Android files and folders individually and efficiently adjust your Operating system.

6.   Enhance the battery life

Rooting has a practical advantage in the form of extended battery life. Android rooting activates your device’s maximum potential. After rooting your android applications like battery doctor and DU battery saver performs better and they give you several options to enhance the battery life of your device. These applications also control the usage of battery by the other applications.

7.   Increase the Processor Clock Speed

The un-rooted device will not have CPU clocking functionality. This feature allows you to decrease or increase your device’s processor speed. Improving the speed of the processor clock will enable you to gain maximum efficiency while reducing it helps to extend battery life.

What are the disadvantages of Rooting

1.   No more Warranty

A significant drawback of android rooting is the loss of your warranty. Mobile manufacturers won’t cover any damages caused after rooting the device, and they won’t service your phone under warranty. During rooting, if your phone gets bricked, it would not be repaired by the manufacturers because the warranty of the device will not be more valid.

2.   Bricking 

Your mobile is highly probable to either get hard bricks or soft bricks, and it is useless until it has been fixed. If you’re trying to root your device for the first time, be prepared for such problems. To prevent this, you should download your applications from trustworthy sources, such as Google Play. Before rooting your android, we highly recommend you to watch some tutorials about rooting.

3.   Prone to Virus/Threats

Android rooting makes it much easier for cybercriminals to embed RATs & Keyloggers in your phone as Rooting removes several limitations from your device. It also increases the likelihood of viruses and malware attacks can also affect your device after rooting.

Key Point

You should always make a backup of essential files before rooting your android phone. Rooting may cause permanent loss of your mobile data, so in that case, always make backup files.

Final verdict 

If you believe it’s worth the danger to root the mobile, then you should do proper research before rooting. Manufacturers deliberately provide little Operating system control to maintain the security of mobile. We won’t suggest rooting your mobile phones due to the current risks involved.

After rooting your device, it is also possible to unroot it again, but only if it is not bricked. You have to reinstall the operating system or restore the factory settings of the device.

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