Why You Should Stop Ignoring ‘Update Your Device’ Messages?

Why You Should Stop Ignoring 'Update Your Device' Messages?

Do you often receive messages that prompt you to update the existing operating system of your phone? You may wonder whether it doesn’t matter to ignore these messages.

Everyone holds different views on this issue, and naturally, there are different choices and practices. Some people think that they will have worse experiences after the update. So, they choose to ignore the update prompt again and again. While some people believe that their phone will have better performances after upgrading the system. As soon as they receive the prompts, they will update the existing operating system to the latest version.

Come and discuss with us today whether you should ignore system upgrades.

Major upgrades and minor upgrades

Generally, system upgrades can be divided into major upgrades and minor upgrades. First of all, let’s see what is a minor version upgrade. For example, upgrading from iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.2 is a minor version upgrade. While an upgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 12 is the major version upgrade.

The system update of the minor version has no impact on the major version. In fact, it aims to adapt to the current hardware configuration of the mobile phone. Minor upgrades usually fix vulnerabilities and bugs of the system, and each update will optimize the system and add some useful features.

While the major upgrade is often designed for the newly released mobile phone. So, the new system will surely adapt to the new machine.

Reasons to release system upgrades

1. Security patches.

Security patches are usually released to enhance system stability and safety, and reduce the risks of being infected by viruses and Trojan horses.

Your mobile phone is the gateway to your personal information on the phone. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the safety of your mobile phone.

2. Add new features.

It is just another reason to release a system upgrade. Fun and useful new features will improve user experience and bring convenience to users.

When a mobile phone was first launched, many functions were not added to the phone at the same time. They will be gradually added to the phone in the following system upgrades.

3. Upgrade the major version.

This kind of update is equivalent to reinstalling a new system for the phone. Although the files in the phone will not be formatted or disappear, such a major update will inevitably lead to some small problems such as compatibility or power consumption issue. Besides, a major upgrade won’t be released before an internal test.

Why do many people choose to ignore system upgrades?

According to many netizens, they don’t upgrade the operating system because their phones will crash and get hot after the upgrades. What’s worse, the battery life will become shorter and some apps on their phones can’t be used.  

1. Phone crashes

An upgrade package should be downloaded when upgrading the system. Thus, it will occupy a lot of your phone storage. If your phone doesn’t have a high configuration, your phone storage space will almost run out. Then, it will lead to a common problem: phone crashes.

2. Higher power consumption

Many people find that their mobile phone batteries drain faster than before. This is because the computing of the mobile phone system is more complicated after the system update. Besides, many of you may run too many apps on the background. So, the power consumption of your phone will become faster.

Does a system upgrade really occupy a lot of memory?

In fact, the above problems often occur when there is a major upgrade or the system upgrade contains a lot of changes.

The upgrade package for each release is different. Theoretically, patches only take up a little storage space, which is considered small and can be ignored.

After finishing the system upgrade, the upgrade package will be automatically deleted. However, it is also possible that the upgrade package will not be deleted on specific models. ,

Nowadays, there are fewer problems with the major upgrade. In the early years, to compete with their competitors, the major mobile phone system manufacturers aim to provide more comprehensive features, which greatly slows down your phone operation.

Now they have reduced the burden of mobile phones by removing redundant programs and interactions, and using the original interface. So, your phone will be able to run normally with all the necessary features.

Security tips for system upgrades 

Whenever the phone prompts a system update, you can check the content of the message first. 

If it is a minor version update, you can go for the update. You can not only enhance your phone’s fluency but also get a lot of useful new features.

You should pay attention to major version updates as many major upgrades are only for newly released phones. If you’ve purchased the phone for a long time, there will be many problems if the new system is not adapted to the old phone. After the upgrade, the old phone may often crash and not be able to downgrade. Some manufacturers will be good enough to make the new system adapt to the old phone that was released several years ago.

Usually, after the major upgrade, several minor upgrades will be released to fix some bugs of the new system. You can update to the new system after the minor version updates.

Don’t ignore upgrades that enhance the security of your phone. The security of your phone is important to your personal information. 

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All in all, we strongly recommend that you stop ignoring system upgrades. Otherwise, you may suffer property losses caused by some system vulnerabilities. Besides, updates of apps like VPNs also cannot be ignored.

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