WiFi Password Hacker Cause Data Leakage

With the development of the mobile network, surfing the Internet seems to be an inseparable part of public life. Most public WiFi is open, but there is not always free WiFi. Some WiFi networks can be directly connected, but you need to log in via the browser after connecting to WiFi and enter the mobile phone number to get the verification code, and the verification code is the Internet password. They are relatively more secure than others. However, many users think it is troublesome. They prefer to hack into a stranger’s WiFi.

How to crack WiFi password?

For most Internet users, it is difficult to crack a WiFi password. To be frank, cracking WiFi password is not an easy job. Faced with the demand for surfing the Internet anytime and anywhere, various mobile applications appear one after another to help you hack WiFi password. Using them, you can connect to other people’s wireless networks without a password. You can find a lot of wireless networks to use when you’re out. 

WiFi hacking tool

There are numerous apps claim to crack WiFi password. If you want to hack into others’ WiFi with a tool, you just need a few steps. They are all very easy to use and you can connect to many available networks when using them. Generally, you select a WiFi hacking app and install it to your device. Open it and scan for available networks. Once it finishes scanning, you will have a lot of WiFi networks to use.

With these tools, you can easily hack into a stranger’s WiFi. Thus, you will no longer worry about getting into a condition without Internet access.

The risks of WiFi hacking apps

Though convenient to get online by cracking a stranger’s WiFi, there are actually many potential risks. 

Connection to unknown WiFi leaves yourself vulnerable to cyber attacks. As long as you are connected to the public WiFi, you are running the risk of a man-in-the-middle attack. Hackers can easily gain access to your personal information. Because your information is sent through the wireless router. Hackers can intercept your traffic data by joining the same wireless network and attacking it.

If you are using social apps to communicate with your friends, once you fill in the user account and password, they will use them to steal your account. Then, they may use your accounts to further steal your money.

That’s not the most terrible thing. If you are shopping online and making a payment, your bank details are known to hackers. That’s why there is so much news about money loss caused by connecting to the public WiFi. You can hardly accept that simply crack the WiFi password and connect to it can cause large money loss.

What’s worse, some free WiFi can be malicious. When you connect to it, a webpage will pop up. If you click on that by accident, you will get infected by malware. Some of them collect your information to send personalized ads to you. Some are viruses that interfere with the normal function of your device. While others increase your phone bill. And most of them are hard to remove, which is extremely troublesome.  

malicious free WiFi

Malicious WiFi hacking apps disclose your personal information as well. It is said that some apps you download to crack WiFi password end up monitoring what you do on the Internet. Your private information might be sent to others by these malicious apps without your prior consent. If they are actually viruses, they will cause unexpected damages to your mobile phone.

Most WiFi hacking apps on the market automatically share every wireless network you’ve ever connected to. We thought that they work by cracking WiFi passwords. But the truth is that they are not able to crack WiFi passwords. They keep on uploading and backing up passwords of the wireless networks you have connected to without your permission and share them with other users. So, more users they have, more WiFi they can hack in to for users. That is to say, you crack someone’s WiFi password when you go out, but you share your WiFi back home. For example, a new customer can connect to your shop’s WiFi even if you haven’t told him the password. The WiFi at home is often connected by someone else you don’t know. Changing passwords again and again won’t help. It’s the WiFi hacking app that discloses the password of your private network.

How to avoid data breaches?  

  1. Stay away from untrusted WiFi hacking apps. Although WiFi hacking apps are useful tools that allow you to connect to the Internet almost everywhere with a WiFi network, it can cause damages to the interests of other people. It would be better if you say no to WiFi hacking.
  2. Read the user agreement and relevant privacy policy carefully before installing the software. A lot of people lacking security awareness are so eager to obtain Internet access that they ignore what the app actually does. They may ask for permission that will compromise your privacy. You should watch out for malicious apps.
  3. Disable WiFi sharing. When connecting to WiFi at home, turn off network sharing in settings. Some WiFi hacking apps also allow you to turn off WiFi sharing manually. By default, the WiFi sharing is turned on. That’s why we suggest you pay attention to the user agreement.
  4. Install a security tool like VPN to protect your privacy. VPN service builds a secure tunnel between you and the WiFi hotspot. You can stay secure and anonymously online while connecting to the public WiFi. So, you have no worry about data breaches. 

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