How to Secure your Hotel WiFi?

How to Secure your Hotel WiFi

After you checked in at some hotel, you believe that the hotel can protect you and your valuables by not exchanging your room keys and having a lock for your things. But there may be a much more significant threat in your rented room, which is the free WiFi access provided by most accommodation providers.

Your hotel’s free wireless Internet service can be perfect for checking your emails, flight details, and handling some tasks related to your job far away from the office. Nevertheless, a wireless connection may be a point of access to cybercriminals as well as other invaders who can penetrate the device or spread a virus. Take measures to protect yourself and use the WiFi network of your hotel securely.

Ensure that file sharing is Off

Most computers have already switched on file sharing, allowing digital criminals to pick up your data and files. Although the necessary steps you need to take to shut off the file-sharing of your device can vary depending on its operating system and manufacturer, all the protocols should be looked up and implemented when you first sign in to the WiFi network of your hotel. Cybercriminals can easily access your important files and data if file sharing is enabled on your device. Turning it off can secure you against the malware attacks.

Turn on the Firewall

A successful firewall system will prevent many malware threats, but only if it is switched on and updated regularly. The firewall will not merely prevent cyberattacks by itself, but if your other actions fail, it is an essential stop-gap measure. It is always recommended to use the up-to-dated firewall. You can also use the default firewall of your device as it proves a security wall against the cyberattacks.

Update the Browser

Always use the latest and up-to-date web browsers installed on your device. Every new update provides you better features against the security threats by cybercriminals. Most common browsers offer security features to identity fraud that warn you to every potential risk. Although they are not a perfect solution to the insecure WiFi networks, they can reduce your threat to a certain extent.

Use a VPN service

This is one the simple and easy step which you can take while using the hotel WiFi network. Virtual Private network completely hides your IP address and secures you against all the online attacks and assaults. Using hotel WiFi networks can be risky because it is straightforward for some to steal your data packets or share some malicious links with you while being on the same system.

RitaVPN is the best VPN service that provides you an additional security layer, and no one can monitor your online activities. It completely encrypts your data, and you will be completely anonymous while using the internet.

Avoid Online Banking Accounts

Your banking account information is the most important one, and you should always keep it secure and protected. There are still some online threats while using the hotel’s WiFi network, so you should not use your banking accounts. This is the information that hackers want the most, and that’s the thing they are looking for, but there it doesn’t mean that you cannot entirely access the online banking accounts.

You have the option of using mobile data networks for online transactions, and it is the safest one. It may be expensive, but it is the most reliable way to secure your money.

Choose a network Wisely

Sometimes, hackers can use a rogue WiFi network to make users believe they are real. You may connect with the fake WiFi network, and the outcomes will be bad. You will lose all of your personal information and data.

The best solution to this problem is to ask the hotel staff about the WiFi network. You should only connect with the legitimate WiFi network after full inquiry. Staff members can tell you about the real network.

Can I use the password-protected network? 

No, these networks are also not secure. Note the two forms of router authentication that hotels may provide –WiFi protected access and wired equivalent privacy. WEP protocols are out-dated, and they provide little or no online security as they’ve been in use for over 15 years. While WPA systems have been established to compensate for WEP’s flaws, they are still not entirely reliable. If the hackers are staying at the same hotel and have access to your network, they could easily crack these protocols.

Can I use the Ethernet connection in hotels

No, you can’t use the Ethernet connection because they are not more secure than a WiFi connection. Many wired hotel systems use local area networks, which is an old protocol. And since there was no need to expect malicious activity within these classes, LAN systems are designed without proper protocols for protection.

Guests in the hotel can easily access all the data which you sent through LAN (local area network) by merely switching their network card to the “promiscuous mode.” If you are not careful, this data may also include passwords, personal information, and the confidential information which should not be in the wrong hands.

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Why use RitaVPN 

RitaVPN is the most secure VPN service, which makes you completely anonymous while using the internet, and not even your ISP can track your online activities. It provides you a secure tunnel for the data transfer, and while connecting with the hotel’s WiFi or public WiFi, you would be protected against cybercriminals. You can also easily access blocked websites and content.

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