How to Manage Your Passwords Effectively and Safely?

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In recent years, we paid more and more attention to password security. To avoid data breaches, most websites and service providers require users to create strong passwords for their accounts. While setting hard-to-crack passwords, we find it also difficult for us to manage so many passwords.

How many passwords do you have? 

Nowadays, we need to sign up for various websites and applications. So we have bank card passwords, email account passwords, passwords for various social accounts and websites, etc. Generally, basic information is used to create passwords, including birthday, pet name, anniversary and so on. However, most of us are not good at creating or remembering too many passwords. Password management is troublesome.

How much time does it take to enter passwords every day? 

Suppose you spend an average of 30 seconds per day to type in your passwords, then it takes you about 3 hours per year to check your email, Facebook or access other websites and services.  

How long does it take to reset a password?

If you often forget your password, you must be familiar with password reset. No matter how you reset a password, it always takes you a few minutes at least. If you reset your password via email and happen to forget your email password, you will spend more time on password reset.

Have you ever have your account locked because you entered incorrect passwords for too many times? 

I believe that many people have come across such a condition: when you try to log in to an account you haven’t used for a long time, you are repeatedly prompted that the password is incorrect. This is really annoying. But what is more annoying is that it prompts that you cannot enter the previous password when you reset the password.  

incorrect password

Have your accounts ever been stolen due to simple passwords? 

It won’t take a long time for hackers to crack a simple password. What’s worse, if you use the same password for multiple accounts, one account gets hacked would disclose all the other accounts.

Do not know how to create a strong password when you try to reset the password?

The process of password reset is easy. But creating a strong password is not an easy thing, especially when you want the password easy-to-remember. You can follow our instructions to create stronger and easy-to-remember passwords.

Besides, you also need to use a VPN service to protect you from hackers.

How to manage passwords effectively and securely?

Since there are so many passwords, many people choose to use a password manager. Here are 3 commonly used password managers:


Among the well-known password managers, KeePass is an open-source password manager certified by OSI. You have full access to its source code and you can compile it yourself. You can also test the security on your own or use any other encryption algorithm if needed.


This is a completely free local password manager that supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, as well as Microsoft, Firefox, and Google browsers. This open-source software is available in multiple languages. When you use it for the first time, it assigns you an initial password that will manage all your passwords.

When compared with other password managers, the best thing about KeePass is that it is totally free. Besides, it has other attractive advantages as well. This is an open-source software supported by many excellent third-party plug-ins. Even if one day the developer doesn’t update it, someone else will take over. KeePass has the best encryption type and encryption algorithms of its counterparts. You don’t need to trust a third party because you take control of your sensitive information.


It is a cross-platform password manager that supports cloud synchronization. You can use the free version or pay for a premium service. Download a LastPass and install it on your device. It allows you to use it simultaneously on multiple devices, including Microsoft, Firefox, Google, Safari and Opera browsers (Note: the free version only supports one device).


After you sign up for it, it will prompt you to save your login information and automatically synchronize it in the cloud when you log into any website. Next time you visit this website, it will automatically fill in the login information for you. This will help you avoid memorizing user account and password. Of course, you can also click on the plugin when registering and ask it to help you generate a strong password.

The downside of LastPass is that it relies on the network. You can’t use it without an Internet connection.

1 Password 

1 Password is a reputable password manager. It supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and other systems, and user data can be synchronized between mobile phones and computers across platforms and devices. All data are protected by AES-256 bit encryption, which means cracking is almost impossible. However, it is a paid software, and the cost is not cheap.

1 Password

1Password features “one-click login”, which can help you automatically log in to various websites and most apps. To realize one-click login anytime and anywhere, you only need to remember a master password. That’s why it is called “1 Password”.

Password managers are not completely safe to use. In most cases, it is impossible to achieve convenience and security at the same time. For most Internet users, it is more necessary to classify your accounts according to their importance and security and develop different password management strategies for different types of accounts. 

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