Can you access HBO anywhere in the world?

How to access HBO anywhere with VPN

HBO is a TV channel which is like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer which can be watched films, TV shows, and sports. You can watch those programs by connecting to the Internet through cables or wirelessly. As HBO consist of high-quality graphics, you can watch clear views. But you can’t watch this channel from every country through the Internet also. It is possible to watch the HBO channel from some selected countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the US and Canada with some payments. But you can watch HBO by being anywhere without any problem.

And also any person can watch TV free of charge through HBO Go. However, HBO Go is geo-blocked, which means the visitors outside of the United States and above-mentioned regions are not allowed to access the site or contribute to its services.

How to watch HBO legally from any country?

If you are out of the above-mentioned country or region you have no chance to watch HBO.  But the only solution to this problem is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPNs can remove the geo-location restriction of your country and allow you to log in through the VPN with the server location that you selected instead of your real location. Moreover, you need not worry about the geo-block of your country. VPN is a legal method for login to the HBO.  It will protect you all data and protect your privacy and Internet security. And also, it will hide your real IP and location by providing an IP and a location of another country. So, you will be more secure on the internet when using a VPN and you can watch any program through HBO without any issue.

All the VPN services will not provide their services as it is required for you. Some of the VPN services have designed for different purposes.

So, you need to know about the most suitable VPN for your requirements

Do you need an HBO account to watch HBO through the Internet?

Actually yes. Because, before you watch TV series, films and other things in HBO you must have a user account. For this, you should sign up in HBO. When you are going to sign up, you can register for HBO Go or HBO Now. You should choose HBO Now when registering. You can then create the account and access it.

Things you need to know when registering to HBO from outside of the US.

As we mentioned above, you need to have an account to log in to HBO to watch programs. But one thing that you need to know is that HBO will require a US credit card to complete your registration. They will reject your transaction if your credit card is non-US. Fortunately, you can use an HBO Now account by using a gift card instead of a credit card. HBO will allow you to buy a digital gift card from eGifter. So, by using your gift card, you can connect to the HBO Now.

Methods to stream HBO?

You can use a Slingbox to watch HBO videos in a foreign country. This is another method to watch HBO videos. But a VPN is the best solution. Even it is a very low cost, VPN is the multifunctional software that we use for different reasons. Slingbox is an option for VPN and it is profitable but it has limits. Slingbox is a clever small gadget that lets access to your home network while you are in a foreign country. Not only that, you will be able to make the best use of your HBO subscription by watching pre-recorded shows, satellite TV or live cable from anywhere in the world. However, VPN can keep you safe from any cyber-attack. It depends on the VPN that you choose.


Can you stream HBO live?

Both HBO Go and HBO Now are usually available at the time the new episodes of original programming and dramatic films are screened on HBO. HBO’s live broadcasts, such as news or games, are delayed however they usually appear online within a few hours. You cannot watch all the programs live on HBO, but all the other programs could watch at any time.  

HBO’s newest premium online streaming service

HBO Max will become HBO’s premium online streaming service set to launch in the spring of 2020. It will bring 10,000 hours of content from Warner Media. New DC Entertainment stories, a full library of Studio Ghibli films, and a host of original programs, including actors and producers, have already been announced in its lineup.

Why it is essential to use a VPN to Watch HBO?

As aforesaid, only for the people who are in the US or in other areas we told above can only watch HBO. So, the others have to use a VPN service.  There are many uses that you can get from a VPN. Data encrypting service of a VPN will protect you from cyber attackers. Your personal information such as credit card details will not go to the hands of hackers and spies. Encrypting your data is especially important if you are doing online shopping. It is important to choose the right VPN service to ensure your security and connection speed. Find a provider of the United States who supply unlimited bandwidth and high-speed servers. If you find such kind of good VPN, RitaVPN is the best solution for you. Because it has the zero-login policy and many other excellent features & also it is a 100% trustable best VPN service.


If you need to join with HBO, though you are a foreigner to the countries that the HBO is allowed or going to travel abroad you should get the help of a VPN. Therefore we recommend that RitaVPN is the best solution. You can get RitaVPN as a free trial or as a monthly plan or as a year plan. The paid RitaVPN has a very low price and as support for many platforms, it is easy to install in your devices. So, install RitaVPN today in your device and experience the difference.  

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