How to Book Flight Tickets Using VPN?

How to Book Flight Tickets Using VPN

Traveling by air is always an exciting experience. However, considering how expensive some flight tickets are, regular flights might affect your finances.

When booking flight tickets, people always look for low prices to save money. This has not always been easy despite certain offers and discounts, which are offered by flight booking websites.

If you are a prospective air passenger, you can book flights at meager prices. This involves booking your flights with a VPN service.

In this article, we will show you how to do so.

How do Flight Booking Services work?

Airfares on flight booking websites vary based on the browser location. This implies that the price of a particular flight in a country is most likely different from that in another country.

The cost of purchasing a flight ticket from the USA to Germany would be different in the USA if the ticket were purchased from Germany. 

Aside from that, there may be specific discounts available to other countries which are unavailable to you.

The reason for these airfares pricing is usually due to the IATA fares rules, which vary based on location.

So, if you wonder how do flight booking websites detect your location? It is quite simple, and there are many ways by which they do that. This includes:

IP Address

Your IP address is just like your internet identity. It identifies your browsing network, device, and browsing location. All your activities online are being tagged with your IP address, so whatever website or online platform you visit, they detect your IP address.

By detecting your IP address, flight booking websites can detect your location and display related airfares.


Browser cookies are data files that are created by the websites you visit. Basically, cookies collection provides you with a better browsing experience as it saves your information.

When you visit flight booking websites and accept cookies, they save your browsing information, which certainly includes your browser location. With this information, flight booking services can identify your actual location.


Modern mobile phones and computers usually incorporate a Global Position System (GPS), tracker. Through signals sent from its navigating satellites, it detects the live location of devices.

With the GPS receiver of your device switched on as you browse, it will be easy for sites to identify your location.

If you do not want flight booking sites to detect your browsing location, you can turn off the GPS receiver of your device and clear all your browsing cookies.

To access cheap airfares irrespective of your location, you need to make use of an excellent VPN service provider.

By making use of a VPN service, you can hide your real IP address and make use of the foreign IP address provided by the VPN service provider. 

As you browse with the IP address of a foreign country, flight booking websites will identify that country as your location. Hence, you will be provided with cheap prices based on your new location.

How to book flight tickets using VPN?

Booking flight tickets with a VPN is no different from booking flight tickets without VPN usage. You visit the flight booking website and search for your preferred flight itinerary, select, and then make payment.

To book cheaper flight tickets with a VPN, there are some tips you should adhere to, which includes:

1. Switch to a low-income country

Flight tickets will be less expensive in countries with low income as airlines will consider the finances of residents. 

If flight tickets displayed for such countries are costly, only a few people will be willing to pay, which will result in many empty seats.

You can take advantage of the economic factor of the location to book cheap flights when you switch to such countries.

2. Switch to your destination country

By connecting to a VPN server in the country you intend to travel to, you are likely to be presented with lower prices.

Several people taking flights to a particular country are usually citizens of that country. For this reason, airlines do offer lesser prices via discounts and offer to entice air passengers.

3. Switch to the airline country

This is very similar to the previous one. By switching to the country of the flight provider, you get discounts and offers offered by the airline to their citizens.

For instance, an American airline is most likely to offer lower price rates to Americans who patronize them. The airline will also offer discounts on holidays and other special American days like Thanksgiving, Halloween, or Christmas Holidays. Therefore, you should connect to a VPN server originating from the USA.

4. Erase Browser Cookies

Another noteworthy tip you should consider is to clear your browsing cookies. Besides, browser cookies can reveal your location; however, a VPN can prevent websites from collecting cookies. Nevertheless, it is critical you clear browser cookies, most especially if you’ve visited the website earlier without a VPN.

What is the Best VPN for Booking Flights Online?

RitaVPN is the best VPN service for booking flights. This VPN service provider has multiple servers in various countries that you can connect to. 

As a beginner-friendly VPN service, you will find it easy to set up on supported devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Not to mention, their subscription prices are very affordable.

Also, RitaVPN is suitable for travelers who value speed when surfing the web. With RitaVPN, you can book cheaper flight tickets without hassles.


If you intend to book an international flight ticket, you need to check whether you have visa access to your destination. 

Fortunately, some countries have free visa access to a specified number of countries without applying for a visa. 

With a premier VPN service provider such as RitaVPN, cheap flight booking is a lot easier.

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