7 Ways to Speed up a VPN Connection

VPN is a good tool to provide you with privacy protection from snoopers and unlimited browsing online. However, your Internet connection is likely to be slowed down. There are 7 tips for you to deal with it.

Switch the server

Many VPNs provide the function to automatically select the fastest server for users. But the condition changes. If the server you chose is far away from you, your data pack needs to travel for a long distance, which results in a slower Internet connection. The solution is to choose a server closer to you or just pick one to see if it performs better.

Use a wired connection

WiFi is undoubtedly more convenient than directly plugging your device into the router. Change wireless connection to wired connection because the latter often support faster speed.

Change VPN protocol

VPN protects your privacy by encrypting your traffic as well as puts extra load for devices. OpenVPN protocol is commonly used by servers for its strong encryption. But is maybe restricted sometimes. When your Internet slows down, try another protocol.

Restart your device

It seems to be the easiest way we usually use to solve problems. Turn your device off and on. Internet speed may get improved.

Turn off the firewall and other local security software

Since encryption is a burden to your device, firewall and local security software can also slow down the VPN connection. Turn them off for a while, and see whether the Internet connection is improved. 

Change your device

If the device you are using can’t provide faster Internet browsing, we recommend you to change a better device for a better online experience.

Try another VPN

Sometimes your VPN connection is slow because the VPN is not good. You’d better try another VPN service that provides faster and stable access to the Internet.

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