How to unblock TikTok with RitaVPN?

How to unblock TikTok with RitaVPN

VPN is a technique through which you can access blocked websites and applications anywhere in the world. You can connect to a server in a different country by using VPN. It can also encrypt your internet connection and protect your data from hackers and online trackers.

Do you think that you are totally secure without a VPN? Then you are quite wrong about this.

You can be tracked by your Internet Service Provider. He can see the websites where you visited. After watching and compiling your data he can sell your data to third parties or to the advertisers. These advertisers target the Ads on your device related to your interest. For this purpose, there are many VPNs that can be used but the best VPN is the RitaVPN. It hides your identity and masks your IP address. It helps us to use those websites and applications which are banned or blocked by the government.

How to avoid geographical restrictions?

Have you ever seen an error message “This content is not available in your area”? If you ever see it, it means that you are facing geographic-restrictions. These geographic-restrictions are based on your IP address, which shows your current location. Due to your IP Address, you can be tracked easily. You can avoid these tracking using RitaVPN. It is simple to use. You can easily access those websites and applications by running RitaVPN in your devices and then select the server of that country where these websites and applications are not banned.

VPN can be very useful in such a way that “if you are traveling to a different country and you wanted to watch videos from a different region you can connect to a server. After connection, you can access your required videos, movies, shows and any online content.

Before elaborating on the current topic, we are going to discuss some important concepts about “What is Tiktok and why some countries banned it?

Tiktok is an entertainment application developed by the Chinese. It provides you the opportunity to create lip-sync or talent videos of 60 seconds. After creating those videos, you can edit those using different filters, stickers and video effects. You can also share these videos by adding your favorite sound-track, see the uploaded videos of your friends and other Tiktok users using your account. It seems quite normal for some of us, then why it is banned?

Reasons for banning Tiktok

Basically, Tiktok is a Chinese social media application. In the USA, it is facing a lot of criticism. It has also been removed from Google or Apple store on April 16, 2019, in India. It was an order of the Indian Government to remove it and block various downloads on a variety of concerns. This social media application is spreading pornography. It is potentially exposing children to sexual predators, obscenity, cyberbullying, and adversely affecting the mental health of teenagers. There has been a number of accidents and mishaps that are reported related to the use of a Tiktok. Moreover, there are some key issues for banning it which are given below:

1. Teenagers and youngsters are addicted to this application. They create videos in the competition with each other.

2. Children are potentially exhibited to sexual predators. These predators can follow their accounts and contact them directly.

3. Many Tiktok users create prank videos and duets using this application and make fun of the other user.

4. Multiple accidents are happening due to performing dangerous challenges.

5. Inappropriate content and pornography are available on this application. The last issue is really sensitive which tells the main reason for blocking this application.

What features should VPN have for unblocking Tiktok?

To unblock Tiktok application, a VPN should have the following qualities:

1. It should have high and large network stability. It will help you to avoid dropped connections while playing your favorites videos.

2. It should have a great encryption level which will help to protect your privacy.

3. It should provide excellent customer service.

4. It should support multiplatform mobile applications.

5. It should not slow down your internet speed.

6. To avoid buffering it should have high-speed servers.

7. It should not contain any viruses.

All these features are present in the RitaVPN.You can totally rely on it without any worry. It provides a smooth flow for using blocked content so you can use it whenever you want to unblock the Tiktok application.

Steps to install Tiktok using RitaVPN

  1. Download RitaVPN from Google Play or Apple App Store
  2. Open the Application.
  3. Select a server location from the server list. The optimal node is free to use, while other nodes are only available to premium users. You can choose the “free trial” to use RitaVPN for free or pay for the VIP nodes.
  4. Click on the “Connect” button.   
  5. Wait until you are connected to a RitaVPN server.
  6. Your RitaVPN is working now.

Now, before downloading Tiktok directly from Google Play or Apple App Store follow these steps:

  1. Change the server location where Tiktok is not blocked. For example, the USA Server.
  2. Download Tiktok from Google Play or Apple App Store
  3. Open the Application
  4. Start using it.

After unblocking the Tiktok application using RitaVPN, you can create, edit and download the videos. RitaVPN is an authentic software that is being used for protecting our privacy.


As we know it very well that privacy and security are credential things for us. We are very concern about our data. Sometimes we need to hide our identity and want to access some kind of applications that are banned by our government like Tiktok. This application cannot be accessed without using a RitaVPN. It can easily bypass geo-blocked apps. It is very important to note that we need the best VPN for unblocking the blocked application and get ourselves protected from online trackers and hackers. So RitaVPN provides us the excellent customer service for unblocking Tiktok. Moreover, it is used to unblock websites. It allows us to access news and blocked applications that are banned for some political or moral reasons. Its advanced features help you to unblock the Tiktok application without any difficulty.

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