Best Alternatives for Facebook Social Media

Best Alternatives for Facebook Social Media

As much as fame and popularity are reputable, it becomes sour when it compromises your privacy. It is not news that Facebook uses your data for marketing and promotional purposes. In their defense, they claim it is a standard practice among Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

Well, you can’t blame them! In 2017, the US congress retracted the law that inhibits ISPs from selling customer’s data. Hence, Facebook is not breaking any law by selling your data. 

Data protection and many other challenges question Facebook’s reliability. However, there is no single platform with all the features, and utility Facebook provides. 

Meanwhile, there are alternatives for Facebook that might tick some boxes for you. These platforms perform specific functions. Consequently, it might be the functions you need. 

Below is our review of those platforms.

1. Reddit

If you think self-acclaimed reputations are not valid, Reddit proves you wrong. Reddit is reputable for being the front page of the internet. In 2018, it became the 5th most visited site in the US. However, Facebook has a growing population in major third world countries. 

The Reddit website comes with several features. Such as a one-on-one chat, follow feature, profile page, etc. However, what makes it stand out is its better privacy policy and supervising contents. 

Another exceptional feature of the Reddit platform is its Ads section. This platform is an excellent marketing option for Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs). Sadly, you might not be able to get the diversity in culture and peoples Facebook provides.

To conclude, Reddit has versions for Web, iOS, and Android.


  • Better privacy policies
  • Instant inbox notifications
  • Relatively good marketing options


  • Limited features
  • Relatively few users in third world countries.

2. Vero

If you do not like adverts, this platform is your best pick. Vero promises never to display any advertisement on its platform nor collect user’s data for commercial purposes, unlike Facebook.

However, the Vero collects some data usage information to predict your activity curve and engagement. By default, Vero switches off the data collection option. It also displays your daily data usage on your dashboard. That, to prevent social media addiction and help you manage your time.

Sadly, Vero requires a small annual subscription. That, to make a few profits for running the organization. Although they did not start like that, as users increased, the cost of keeping up with optimum delivery also increased. Hence, the need for a subscription. However, they maintain a strict privacy policy. 


  • Excellent privacy policy
  • Chronologically arranged feed.


  • No web version
  • Instability problems on the app

3. Mastodon

In 2016, the Mastodon was launched. From that time, it had been a good platform, especially for microblogging. In 2018, the Mastodon made a massive overhaul on its site. Since then, they have been a good competition for Facebook and Twitter.

Precisely, Mastodon uses an interconnected and decentralized network in its platform. Like twitter, you can publish posts called “toots.” These toots can be posted publicly or privately to specific groups of people, unlike twitter. Also, it has options for a one-on-one chat with verified users, and a live in-stream preview for pictures and videos.

Even more, the Mastodon has a better privacy policy than Facebook. It also filters sensitive content on your feed. Finally, it is Android, iOS, and Web compatible.


  • Excellent privacy system
  • Superb filters for sensitive contents


  • Mastodon cannot sync between its node 

4. Raftr

Although launched in 2017, Raftr is one of the fastest-growing social media communities on the internet. Its unique interface makes one of the standout features. First, it allows you to connect to people with similar interests as you. Also, it allows you to share your interests with its communities with the same interest. 

After sign up, Raftr provides you with two options. First, to “explore what’s current in the world” by connecting with “otters” (groups within the platform). Second, to “connect to your friends and family.”

Unlike Facebook, Raftr does not share user data or activities with 3rd parties. However, it is only available for Android and iOS.  


  • Good privacy policy
  • It will not share your activities with 3rd parties.


  • No web version

5. Quora

There are only a few things you will expect from a site designed for questions and answers. However, Quora will beat your expectations. Launched in 2009 with a mission to share and grow the world’s knowledge, Quora has been efficient in achieving its goal.

More than how they started, Quora updated her website, introducing many features to strengthen its communities. These communities are a network of people who have questions and others who have the answers to questions. Some of the introduced features are; user profiles, follow options, one-on-one chat, etc. 

Furthermore, Quora introduced an advertisement section. Although it is worth mentioning that the ads are not disturbing. Also, an upvote system sorts provided answers. Hence, most answers are always right. 

In all, Quora is an excellent Facebook alternative to read and share knowledge


  • Outstanding communities
  • A good upvote sorting system
  • Web, Android, and iOS compatible


  • Instead of answers, you might find ads in the answer section

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As earlier stated, all of the platforms mentioned above cannot replace all the features Facebook provides. However, these platforms have taken a “divide and conquer” approach. Hence, offering you specific features, even better than Facebook will give you.

Yet, trusting your information with any platform can be risky, no matter how much they promise to keep your data private. Hence, you will need a good VPN to keep browsing activities from any platform. There are many VPN software in the market today, but we recommend RitaVPN. That, because it is of excellent performance and more reliable than its competitors.

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