How to Watch English Premier League Football Online from any Location?

How to Watch English Premier League Football Online from any Location

It’s no news. The English Premier League is the most loved football league around the world!

Imagine your favorite team playing a match. You’re away from home and you have no idea of the location of any viewing center. You picked up your smartphone to log in to your favorite sports streaming site.

Unfortunately, it failed to load! The site has been locked away from that location. What do you do?

This post will teach the best way the premier league can be streamed from any location without any fear of being blocked by a firewall.

How to watch English Premier League from any location?

If you’re in an area and you are unable to stream the premier league live from trusted websites, it may be due to a firewall filter. Which means the live streaming site or the government has restricted your location.

They collect your IP address as soon as you connect to the internet. This IP address provides them with your information, which includes your geographical address.

When they discover that your address is part of the blacklisted addresses, you’re not allowed to enjoy your match, which may be painful.

To change your IP and hence your location, what you need is a VPN. A good VPN service is responsible for giving you another IP from a server in another location. This way, the streaming website will be unable to detect your moves, and hence, you go scot-free!

Another question many ask is a good VPN recommendation. From experience, below is a great VPN recommendation.

What is the best VPN for streaming EPL?

Choosing a good VPN service is essential for a great experience. There are lots of VPN services, both free and paid.

However, any free VPN service is not recommended because most free VPN services mostly compromise user information.

You should be wary of any paid service you choose also. Some VPNs have unbearable slow speeds, which may interrupt or prevent the streaming of the match altogether.

Over the years, RitaVPN has proven to be the safest and pocket-friendly VPN solution you should use. Its blazing fast speed is just excellent for live streaming any type of video content.

Are you away from your preferred location? Don’t worry, RitaVPN has the solution as their hundreds of IPs scattered around the globe do the perfect job of unblocking you when you’re geographically locked.

RitaVPN is an affordable and relatively cheap choice compared to the services enjoyed. With just $2.71 per month, you get to enjoy the VPN service if you’re paying for a whole year.

However, if you’re paying for 6 months, you’ll pay an affordable $8.33 for every month which amounts to $49.99 for six months.

If you’re just out on a vacation and you need a quick but efficient VPN, you can use the 1-month plan which costs $10.99.

When you get one of these plans, you don’t have to worry about where you are, just pick up your device and watch your favorite team to victory.

How to Watch the English Premier League using a VPN?

Now, you know what a VPN does and you got one from It’s one thing to get it, and another to know the best ways it can be utilized.

Many different sites allow you to live stream the premier league. However, according to your server location and wallet, here are some options that you should consider.

  • Sky Sports and BT Sports for the UK

If your VPN service gives you a British IP address, it means you have to explore opportunities in the UK. Sky Sports and BT sports are recommended for use, as they simulcast a majority of Premier League games.

You have to pay to get these services as they also have to pay heavily to the FA to get the rights. If you’re already a subscriber to any of these services but you’re out of town, just get back in through your VPN and enjoy your pay!

  • Star Sports for India

If you’re on an IP from India, Star Sports is incomparable. With as low as $1.99, you can get to stream most of your favorite matches live.

To stream matches live, you will need the Hotstar app. You need to connect to an Indian VPN if you’re out of India.

  • BeIN Sports for the MENA

BEIN Sports can be streamed from the Middle East and North Africa. You may have a BEIN Sports subscription and leave North Africa. All you need to do is to connect to a VPN and get to stream the best premier league matches live.

You may also get a VPN pointing to the Middle East and North Africa if you’re comfortable with BEIN Sports services which cost just $25 a month.

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Top reasons why you should start using a VPN

  • NBC for the US

NBC holds the exclusive rights to airing the premier league in the United States. Using the NBC Sports Network, you get to live stream most of the premier league matches.

I hope you can now live stream the premier league from your location after reading this guide. With RitaVPN and your internet connection, you have no excuse for missing that Liverpool’s goal runs in the EPL.

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