3 Things Activists Can Do To Strengthen Their Privacy And Security On The Internet

3 things activists can do to strengthen their privacy and security on the internet

Reducing freedom of the press, a strictly regulated access to the internet, attempts to block encrypting programs from doing what they do best, as well numerous other signs signal what is about to befall us all: the agencies of the government are getting more stronger and smarter in compromising our basic rights to freedom of speech, our rights to our privacy as well as the security and safety to citizens all around the world.

For somebody that has lived most of his life advocating for a total respect of for human rights especially in countries that do not respect these rights, Mohammed Al-Maskati, a member of the Front Line Defender, has to be pretty careful about how he uses his internet and be pretty conscious of the fact that his personal data and location can be remotely accessed.

In a recent chat, the activist – Mohammed Al-Maskati described the three pretty significant measures that all activists who are active on the internet should be taking so as to guarantee their safety on the internet.  If you want to read further on this story, we have provided easy links to these guides, which are proper starting points to ensuring better security and privacy online.

You should change the way you approach technology

The most important advice that I would give here is for everyone to change their approach towards technology. technology has gone through enough rapid transformation to alter the way it was ten years ago, you have more of your information out there, and we are still putting out there for anyone who cares to have them. Therefore, this is about limiting the amount of information we leave out on the public domain due to the fact that we leave our information and personal data in every app or website that we use. This is possible whenever we register on these apps or websites through solicitation for e-mails, phone numbers, as well as social media handles. We need to minimize the frequency and the amount of information that we leave out there.

Let everyone know how to protect their communications online

In the second scenario, you should let everyone around you be aware of this information. It is not always enough that your information is secure and safe, whereas the people around you are not safe and protected.

Secondly, teach everyone surrounding you. It’s not enough that you’re secure, and everyone around you isn’t because ultimately, despite the fact that you are protected, the people around you could end up as leaks. Everyone in your family, your colleagues at work, your spouse, typically anybody at all. They all need to be aware of the inner workings of digital security, and they ought to know about how they can easily apply them.

The need for you to be in the know of everything

In keeping up with the capability of today’s technology, we need to be updated on everything. Not only just getting updated on the latest programming capabilities, but there is the need to also get upgraded on your knowledge as well. Whatever is happening in the digital world of technology is tends to happen every day. There is the need for us to update ourselves, at least on a weekly basis, on the trends about current technology as well as its likely growth potential. Part of my job responsibility at Front Line is to collect everything that had happened during the week and send them all the human rights defenders all across the world, making a list of everything that they ought to know in a newsletter. To get this latest information about technology trends, I would normally refer to news pieces such as The Hacker News, Motherboard, Security Affairs as well as the Hack Read.

Get a very reliable Virtual Private Network service

Mohamed Al-Maskati has made three significant and valid points, however, apart from all the valid suggestions, recommendations and advice he gave, why go through such lengths to protect yourself online when you can easily just get the best VPN provider instead to ensure that your personal data is safer online whenever you are browsing the internet. Typically, the Virtual Private Network creates a private browsing tab whenever you are assessing the internet with it activated. With this private tab, all of your information going out is encrypted and not accessible by any third party through indirectly asking for your details through registration on any app or website.

Using VPN services gives you a lot of advantages apart from online protection

There are hundreds of benefits that users get whenever they are making use of a Virtual Private Network server to surf the web. So, if a person is virtually conscious about its online presence, he/she must use a VPN application for your laptop, your mobile devices, as well as virtually everything that lets you connect to the internet.

Virtual Private Networks come across as practical tools to use whenever you are accessing the internet, especially if you are socially active in your community and beyond like Mohamed Al-Moskati. The best VPN services protect your online identity protected, making you to safely browse the internet even when using a suspected WiFi network. Also, they can help you bypass numerous governmental restrictions that are placed on websites, get access to web content which is unfairly blocked, and you can also do much more.

Activists such as Mohamed Al-Moskati or people living in countries with restrictive internet policies often use VPNs. Furthermore, these VPN services can also be used to spoof your location just in case you are a likely target for agencies or entities who feel slighted about your social activism.

With a VPN at your disposal, you can view content that is region-locked, and each time that you are on the internet, your information, as well as your location, is not easily detected by GPRS-enabled robots that are hungry for information about the daily users of the internet.

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