What is the best VPN to stream PDC World Darts Championship?

What is the best VPN to stream PDC World Darts Championship

The World Dart Championship kicks off from 13th December 2019 to 1st January 2020. As a Dart enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the Dart Championship even while you’re away from England. You can enjoy all the Dart events even while outside of England. All you need is a premium RitaVPN subscription to bypass the geo-restrictions and enable you to watch the PDC World Darts Championship from anywhere in the world.

The PDC World Darts Championship

The PDC World Darts Championship Christened as William Hill World Darts Championship is a darts competition organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The tournament will feature 96 players contesting for prize money of £2.5 million in a competitive 16-day tournament.

Is VPN necessary for World Darts Championship?

British-based TVs and streaming services are geo-restricted from broadcasting contents outside of the British lands. Hence, if you’re outside of Britain, it would be practically impossible for you to connect with an Internet TV or other streaming services without the use of a VPN service.

In some cases, your country of location may not permit the broadcasting of the PDC World Darts Championship. But with the use of RitaVPN, you can access and stream contents from Great Britain.

When you connect with RitaVPN and choose a server location in Great Britain, RitaVPN will channel your data traffic through one of their dedicated streaming servers in the UK, making it look like your data traffic is generated from the UK.

Also, the RitaVPN server you’re connected to in the UK assigns you a new UK IP address. Hence, you’re able to bypass the British Geo-blocks and enjoy your favorite PDC World Darts Championship from anywhere in the world.

Being outside of the UK should not stop you from cheering your favorite Dart Championship competitor, you can watch along and cheer up your favorite Darts Championship star like you’re watching from the Alexandra Palace in London.

So, with the RitaVPN connection, you should be able to follow your favorite star amongst the 96 darts competitors participating in the event.

How to Watch the PDC Darts Championship on NOW TV

  • Visit RitaVPN Official Website and register an account with RitaVPN
  • Download the RitaVPN app for your device
  • Subscribe to any of RitaVPN’s plans
  • Connect to a RitaVPN server in the UK
  • Visit Currys Website to purchase a NOW TV gift card
  • redeem your gift card by following the instructions and procedures accompany your gift card
  • With your NOW TV username and password, log in to NOW TV and enjoy uninterrupted streaming of the PDC World Darts Championship live from the Alexandra Palace.

How to Watch the Darts Championship live from Alexandra Palace on Sky Sports TV?

For you to enjoy the PDC Darts Championship on SkySports, you must create an account with Sky Sports TV.

To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Visit RitaVPN Official Website and register an account with RitaVPN
  • Download the RitaVPN app for your device
  • Subscribe to any of RitaVPN’s plans
  • Connect to a RitaVPN server in the UK
  • Visit SkySports Official website to create a Sky Sports Account
  • Subscribe to any of Sky Sports TV’s monthly plan 
  • Visit Sky to link your Sky Sports Account using your Sky account number.
  • Login to Sky Sports and enjoy your favorite Darts tournament.

Note, you can purchase Sky Sports Day or Week pass to enjoy live streaming from the Alexander Palace.

Why RitaVPN is the Best VPN to watch the PDC Darts Championship

RitaVPN, with its high-speed connectivity, gives you a smooth, uninterrupted live streaming of the Darts tournament from the Alexander Palace.

Besides, RitaVPN has dedicated servers for streaming live content. Hence, RitaVPN is smart enough to bypass geo-restrictions with its dedicated high-speed servers. RitaVPN allocates you a new IP address from its server, making it looks like you’re residing in that country.

Therefore, with RitaVPN, the location should not be a barrier to stop you from enjoying your favorite contents from anywhere you may be in the world.

Also, RitaVPN makes you appear as an anonymous person online; in this way, you don’t have to worry about footprinting trackers trying to track your activities. Also, you get to block-out annoying ads while online.

Also, RitaVPN is secure enough to protect your data from unauthorized third-party access like cybercriminals and government eyes.  

RitaVPN protects your data by channeling your data traffic through its secure, military-grade encryption tunnel. This makes your data undecipherable even if your data is intercepted through whatever means.

If you’re afraid RitaVPN will keep a log of your activities, I am glad to announce to you that your fear is unfounded because RitaVPN does not keep a log of its users’ activities. Therefore, you’re assured of 100% data protection from RitaVPN.

Also, RitaVPN integrated kill switch technology ensures that your data is protected at all times, even if there is a break in the VPN network.

RitaVPN’s low pricing also makes it quite affordable for the unlimited streaming of the PDC Darts championship from the Alexander Palace.

RitaVPN plans and pricing
  • The Monthly plan of $6.99 per month
  • The 3 Months plan, billed at $5.66 monthly for every three months
  • The one year plan at $5.42 per month when billed on an annual basis.


RitaVPN gives you the chance to enjoy this year’s PDC dart tournament without having to make it down to the Alexander Palace. Therefore, you can enjoy this year’s Christmas with the 16 days PDC Darts Championship tournament starting from the 13th December 2019 to 1st January 2020.

Visit PDC TV to check for the PDC Darts Championship Tournament’s fixtures.

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