How to Stream NFL Games Live with a VPN?

NFL Games

As the NFL season arrived on Sept. 5, the football fans around the world ushered in their favorite time of the year. The NFL, National Football League, is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the highest professional level of American football in the world.

However, fans outside the US and Americans going on a trip outside the US might have no access to the NFL game they want to watch. To stream every NFL game live, you need a VPN to help you bypass geographical restrictions and avoid NFL blackouts.

Generally, you can get a lower price from the VPN service provider if your subscription is longer. If you haven’t decided to subscribe to a VPN service yet, you can use RitaVPN’s free trial by watching ads.

Since VPNs not only varies on price but also differ from each other on the services they provide, you should think twice before choosing a VPN. Here are some tips on finding the best VPN for NFL live stream.

  • Reliable US servers
  • Fast Internet connection
  • Wide compatibility
  • No-logs policy

Now that you’ve chosen a good VPN, we will walk you through several streaming services to watch NFL live.

NFL Game Pass

Perhaps the most popular is to buy an NFL Game Pass. But make sure you change your location to a place outside the US because the US Game Pass doesn’t offer a live stream of NFL regular-season games.  

NFL Game Pass, along with CBS, FOX and EXPN are the major platform offer NFL games live for football fans. While other streaming services like YouTube TV, DirecTV Now, Hulu and PlayStation Vue also allow you to watch NFL games live.

 DirecTV Now

For example, you can access all the regular-season games by watching NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV Now.

A reputable VPN service not only allows you to watch NFL games live but also shields your online privacy and security from ISP, spies and even hackers.  

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