6 Reasons to Hide Your IP Address

hide IP address

A large number of Internet users hide their IP addresses to achieve anonymity online. That’s definitely true. But hiding your IP address does more than what you think.

Now that we’ve talked about what is an IP in our previous articles, this article will walk you through 6 reasons to hide your IP address.

Mask your location

Your IP address is closely related to your location. Where you are now or where you have been to can be tracked through your IP address. Thus, to hide your IP address is to mask your physical location.

Avoid online tracking

You probably have no idea how advertising companies, marketers and websites track you by your IP address. But the most important thing you should know is to avoid such kind of tracking by hiding your IP address. It’s quite easy and we have instructions for you to follow.  

Avoid ISP throttling

Like advertising companies, marketers and websites, your ISP also track your online activity through your IP address.

If your ISP detects large downloading or torrenting, it will slow down your Internet connection. You can hide your IP address to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

Unblock content and websites

You may not be surprised that you are unable to access certain content or websites in your home country. Here we offer you the best way to handle this. Using a VPN to hide your IP address! If you choose RitaVPN, you can unblock content and websites with just one click.  

Keep search history private

It’s true that Google knows much about you. Google search is one of its common ways to collect your information. Other search engines also keep a track of your searches. Want to keep your search history private? Try hiding your IP address from them.   

Stay secure on public WiFi

Without any protection, you are extremely vulnerable to hackers, especially on an unsecured public WiFi network. Therefore, it’s essential to prevent hackers from accessing your sensitive data by masking your IP address. If you run a VPN on your device to hide your IP address, you will be more secure on the Internet.  

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