7 most exciting uses of a VPN

7 most interesting uses of a VPN

VPNs are trusted and accessible tools to ensure the safety of users while surfing the internet. However, if you believe this is the only thing they can do, you’re mistaken. These not only make you safe online but also enable you to browse securely and allow all content forms. VPNs can unblock your favorite TV shows, blocked websites, and restricted content.

It uses a distant VPN server to route your online traffic. It conceals your real IP address, which ensures that nobody, not even your internet service provider, will see what you’re doing and where you’re heading on the internet. The only information that can be seen by someone attempting to spy on your actions is the acknowledgment that you are using a VPN.

What can a VPN Do for You?

The following are some fantastic uses of Virtual Private Network.

1. Avoid ISP Throttling 

The user’s position is among the first items an Internet Service Provider can reach. This position can be monitored with the aid of new technologies, and a range of sensitive data can be accessible. It is then possible to use this data in whatever manner the provider wants. With the end of last year’s network neutrality, these entities have all the ability to regulate the internet whenever they want, placing users at risk.

While using VPN, IP address is transferred to servers of VPN, and these servers are spread all over the world, so it is almost impossible to ascertain the precise location of the client. The ISP’s have minimal servers, and they continuously throttle speeds to maximize bandwidth for all connected customers. While this is unnoticeable in a regular browsing session, but it becomes very irritating once you watch your favorite TV shows.

A VPN service has multiple servers across the globe, and they connect you with the private servers where the traffic is low, and you can overcome the problem of internet throttling.

2. Access your favorites blocked websites

One of the critical features of a VPN is that it allows you to access all the blocked websites easily. But there may be some sites which can be accessed from specific countries. For example, in some states, adult sites cannot be located. Facebook and Youtube are also not accessible in several countries. This is called the geo-restriction. There may also be a country-to-country agreement due to which certain content would not be available in these countries.

How several countries are considered for their censorship and prohibitions will shock you. A VPN lets you safely bypass internet constraints and censorship by helping you to switch your position virtually. You’re going to get the products and materials that are free online.

3. Public wifi Security

The possibility that public wifi services are platforms for data theft is acknowledged to almost everyone. All you see is the ability to access the web more easily whenever there is a free wifi link, and maybe this free internet will come at a considerable expense.

This is primarily a concern for public wifi links where no encryption exists, and everyone can access the security key. Cybercriminals can use different techniques like phishing and man-in-middle, to steal your personal information.  

VPN secures your internet connection, and while being on the same network, hackers won’t be able to access your data packets. VPN provides you an additional wall of the security while using the public wifi.

4. Safe Downloading and uploading the files

There are several genuine reasons for Peer-to-Peer file sharing, such as allocating open-source software, sharing large amounts of data across the system, or publically available videos. Nevertheless, most ISPs are not so happy about their users participating in P2P operations, resulting in the bandwidth restrictions, slower connection rates, or even limited access to sites for file sharing.

But the only bad guy here may not be your ISP. The problem is that all participants in the same system can now see the IP addresses of one another. This might introduce a severe security threat, opening doors for online criminals. By using a VPN connection, your ISP won’t slow down the internet speed, and you can use the peer to peer connection. VPN encrypts your internet traffic, and no one intercepts or tracks it.

5. Secure your Conversation

Although voice over Internet Protocol services is becoming more reliable and secure, nobody can say that they provide you maximum security. Most of them can be quickly spied. However, in some censored countries, services such as Skype are often restricted, so you must balance the VoIP with such a VPN, particularly when you are traveling or currently living abroad.

6. Book a Cheaper Vacation

Using the incognito mode or clearing the cookies in your browser can help you in booking the cheaper flights based on the search, but this approach is not always enough, though, as markets can vary from country to country. So, there is another option of booking cheap flights by using the IP address of a low-priced country. Book the flights by changing your geographic location.

Your IP address shows your location very clearly, what you need to is conceal it, and it can be done with a VPN. When connecting to a VPN server, your IP address will be replaced by the chosen location’s IP address.

7. Netflix Streaming

Many movies and TV shows are shown in the U.S. are inaccessible outside its boundaries, which makes it difficult for viewers to experience their favorite TV shows without any disruptions. VPNs are making steps for solving this issue.

Just open the VPN app and connect with the server in which that TV show is accessible. You can now stream all the shows and movies without lagging problems. 

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