Best Disney+ Streaming Service Alternatives

Best Disney+ Streaming Service Alternatives

The recently launched Disney+ can be described as a success, as it got more than 10 million users already. The secret is obvious, many people love the Disney titles, and all Disney titles are being moved away from other streaming services.

However, it seems Disney+ isn’t going to stop people from using other services. It’s doesn’t have a plan to dominate the streaming industry.

Why you need a Disney+ Alternative?

Firstly, Disney+ coverage is very small. Most people live out of the supported areas and they need access to a high-quality streaming service.

Also, Disney+ doesn’t plan to air any other content apart from the Disney classics. Avengers, Spiderman, Captain Marvel, and the likes are all you can watch on Disney+, nothing more. But people need more.

To get more streaming features, you will need some alternatives to Disney+. It may seem hectic trying to find an alternative to Disney+; however, this post will guide you.

Best Disney+ Streaming Service Alternatives

When we talk about the best Disney+ alternatives, we’re talking about services that provide similar or better quality, at a pocket-friendly price. Here are our top picks.

1. Apple TV+

When talking about the best Disney+ streaming service alternatives, Apple’s streaming service, Apple TV+ comes to mind.

Popular for qualitative shows for a very low price, you’re almost sure of getting your favorite content on Apple TV+. With a price starting from $5 a month, Apple TV+ isn’t going to break your pocket.

Launched November 1, the streaming service is seamlessly integrating with almost all other Apple products. Students subscribed to Apple Music get Apple TV+ for free. If you just got a new iPhone, iPod, Apple TV or Mac after September 10, you watch Apple TV+ for a whole year, – zero subscriptions.

Apple TV+ won’t give you a vast library of content, unlike most other streaming services. However, Apple TV+ took care of ensuring they had something to tie down users. They aired shows featuring high profile Hollywood actors, and this serves as a powerful bait for attracting viewers.

For an alternative to Disney+, Apple TV+ is credible.

2. Netflix

In the streaming industry, Netflix is a household name. Netflix has been so experienced in the game, as they’ve been around for years.

Netflix has a wide library, and there is always something to watch on Netflix. Airing all the major TV shows they’re licensed too, Netflix isn’t a bad idea for steaming.

However, competitors like Disney+ and Apple TV+ are seeking the downfall of Netflix. As they now offer streaming services, they gradually stop offering Netflix the license to air their movies and shows. This may spell doom for the giant streaming service, which grew popular by relying on content from these platforms.

To combat this, Netflix has started the production of original movies, featuring top stars on the screen. While this may work at retaining some users, a large part of their user network loves the Marvel classics, which won’t be available on the platform in the future. For this, they’ll lose users to Disney+.

Taking the price into consideration, Netflix may not be a pocket-friendly alternative to Disney+. If you’re willing to drop some bucks for a wide variety of movies, choose Netflix.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another Disney+ like subscription streaming service that you should consider.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can get exclusive access to Amazon prime video, free. Otherwise, you can still opt in to the service at around $9 per month.

Getting the esteemed Amazon Prime membership is a better option, but it’s still great if you’d like a to subscribe for the service only.

You can get all popular movies and shows as well as kids’ TV shows, documentaries and sports shows when you sign up for Amazon Prime Video.

One outstanding quality of Amazon Prime Video is its big basket of content. Amazon Prime Video reportedly has more shows and movies than Netflix, almost getting double the amount of Netflix’s.

For a reliable and pocket-friendly Disney+ alternative, Amazon Prime video is a good bet.

4. Hulu

Hulu is another popular streaming service that offers the most popular shows and movies for an extremely cheap price.

However, at the very basic subscription, Hulu comes loaded with adverts. You can buy those ads off for a little price and get seamless access to Hulu.

Also, Hulu airs content ranging from kids’ shows to sports shows and movies. However, you can only stream Hulu from one device at a time, for one subscription.

Hulu has a fairly expensive package called Hulu With Live TV. This gives you access to even better streaming options and a wider range of channels. These qualities make Hulu a must try Disney+ alternative.

5. Crackle

Crackle is a great streaming service to use. If you’re a type who fancies old classics, you must love Crackle.

Although Crackle’s movies library is not massive, it is appealing as you’re sure to get some lovable titles like Mission Impossible, Hidden Dragon, etc.

And what’s more? The Crackle service is completely free. You don’t have to pay any subscriptions to use Crackle. All you have to do is to log on and play.


Disney+ will make a great part of the market, as they already boast of 10 million subscribers as we speak. Not to mention, Disney+ servers were recently hacked thereby comprising their subscribers’ accounts.

However, Disney+ may not be available to everyone in every location, driving the need to find alternatives.

If you need to watch Disney+ outside supported countries, you can subscribe to a VPN service from RitaVPN and browse anonymously while unlocking the geo-locked service.

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