Best alternatives to Google Maps focusing on privacy

Best alternatives to Google Maps focusing on privacy

Google Map is probably the most popular map application because of Google’s fortress on the internet surfing and navigation, for example, Google Earth. Google Maps can often be helpful whenever it comes to preventing traffic in the peak hour. Again, Google Maps can do everything so seamlessly that it will be generally regarded as among the most exceptional navigation application. But you’d be mistaken to think there’s no option that’s just as awesome and sometimes even cooler in certain situations.

Why you should use the alternatives of Google Map

  • The main reason for using the other options of Google Maps is that whenever you use it for navigational purposes, it tracks you.
  • Google saves the current position of the user to provide a better user experience for the next time. Only to serve the user in a better possible way, Google is storing your current location.
  • Google has complete control over your position, and it can quickly edit or delete your location from the Google maps.  
  • Switching off your location information will only prevent Google from developing a timeframe of what you were doing all day long. But when you don’t switch off yet another function, Web & App activity that’s buried deep in your settings, Google can still trace you.
  • Whenever you use any Google app, either Google search or Google map, it sends your timestamps to Google, and they can easily find out your location.
  • All of your data is assembled and collected to show you the relevant ads. This is how Google earns most of the revenue, and all of your information is very important and valuable to Google.

Are there some other applications?

Yes, the great news is that you can use some other applications for offline mapping, and also, they won’t track the coordinates and which implies that their capability would be restricted as well as the directions may not be as precise. For using their services, you will also have to compromise such a form of information. These applications may ask for the following details.

  1. Your data that you use for creating an account is required.
  2.  These apps also collect user data through cookies. Marketing analytics is based on your data.  
  3. Your IP address and mobile model number for the development of applications are also required.
  4. The central location for showing you the search results throughout the country you are actually in and matching the language.

You cannot use the navigational apps without providing them some of your data. There are several applications for mapping and navigation. You can try some of the following best alternatives for Google Maps.


MAPS.ME works on android and iOS. This application is stored offline in 345 islands and countries and offers you with the instructions and search results. MAPS.ME is the best choice for anyone with several places of interest and in need of an offline navigational app. It might be the only mapping application that shows the hiking trails. This application also lets you save your location, and you can also share your saved location with friends.

The online version of this app gives information about biking, traffic, and public transportation. All the areas of interest are classified into Shops, Entertainment, Food, Attraction, and others. This application displays you the ideal location according to your search result, .it is an open-source platform, so the code which is designed is very secure. MAPS.ME uses your location to show you the related ads.  

This mapping application has shown to be not just a safe one, but an app that places a high value on its users ‘ privacy.

2. HERE WeGo

This application works on android, iOS, and web. Nokia developed this mapping application, and this application provides you an extensive directory of interest points such as theme parks, restaurants, gas stations, pharmacies, ATMs, and Hotels. This application offers you offline maps of around 200 countries, and the tourists can save the money on wandering, and you can also download these maps. HERE WeGo does not collect your location and areas of interest, and whenever your session ends, all of the information is deleted.    

  • A useful feature of this app is that it gathers the traffic information in real-time from the cameras, police reports, building sites, Twitter feeds, and speed cameras.
  • It works wonderfully online, particularly when you need turn-by-turn mapping for traveling, riding, cycling, and walking or when you need to make a comparison between the mass transit routes.
  • This application is not as up-to-dated as Google maps. This is the only drawback of HERE WeGo.
  • This app gathers your data to show relevant ads like Google Maps.

3. Sygic Maps

This application is designed for android, iOS, and web. This map app is indeed one of the excellent free mapping applications. It provides you almost everything like the points of interest, GPS navigation, offline mode, and appropriate traffic situations. You can get some trustworthy suggestions from TripAdvisor, including speed limit warnings.

Regular travelers love this app; although it does not have a large database, it can help you to find the nearest hotels. While using Sygic for mapping, it shows you speed limit warnings, the suggestions for parking slots, road closures, and lane guidance.

  • Sygic also provides you the offline GPS navigation.
  • This application has strict rules when it comes to data storage. The data of users is collected only to improve the app, and after 3 months all of the data is deleted permanently.
  • After 1 year, all the security and system files are deleted permanently.

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