What does Google know about You?

What does Google know about You

Google carries a lot of user information, but it won’t be marketed to other companies. Google utilizes this data to customize the advertisements it displays to you, but you may be shocked by how much Google knows and how simple it is for you to regulate whatever it knows about you.

Google can recognize and store your data if you have a Gmail account. Google saves cookies even if you don’t have a Gmail account, but cookies don’t tell much about anyone. While using your tablet, smartphone, or laptop, you enter the details of Google account, and you can also have several accounts of Google, and all of your data is kept stored. This data is in the form of Google Drive, Google Docs, Calendar, and Browsing history.  

Let’s find out what Google knows about you

Who are you

  • All of your necessary information like your name, address, phone number, gender, and email ID is stored in Google.
  • Apart from that, the latest technology of Facial recognition enables Google to know how you look like from your uploaded photos.
  • Google knows your voice because of voice recordings, and they monitor your online activities.
  • It knows about your beliefs, your health and fitness, and your interests based on your browsing history.
  • Google is so mighty that it can even manipulate your interests, political beliefs, and spiritual beliefs.


Google exactly knows your position wherever you go based on GPS, wifi, or any cellular network you use in daily routine. It’s easy for Google to find your workplace and home based on your activities. For how much time you have been to someplace and how many days you spend in that place is not hidden from Google.

  • It uses artificial intelligence and analyzes the photos and videos you upload to figure out the exact location.  
  • Google Maps is a feature that has a complete record of your traveling. By monitoring your daily routine, it knows your home address, office address.
  • The holiday destinations that you have been searching on Google Maps are also saved in the Google database.

Google Search History

All of the searches you have made on Google are saved in the database. They know what you are looking for, what your interest is, and what kind of man you are.

  • Google knows all the websites which you visit using the Chrome browser.
  • The Youtube videos you searched for.
  • Some ads you clicked on and might be interested in.
  • Google Analytics is a tool that shows your engagement on the other sites.  

Relationships and Friends

Your friends and you both are being monitored. Google has been using your friends to track you. Through Android phones, Google Hangouts, and Gmail, Google knows your friend’s list, their names, email IDs, and address.  

  • Google calendar data shows your meetings, appointments, and functions, which you have to attend. They know to whom you are going to meet.
  • The videos and photos you share are not hidden to Google
  • By accessing your Google drive, they exactly know what information you have.

Likes and Dislikes

The things you like the most are being monitored. Your every click shows something about you and your interest. Whenever you dislike or ignore something explained to you, Google understands your preferences and importance.

  • The algorithm of Google is so smart that it learns from your browsing searches.
  • When you watch a video till the end, and when you ignore a video, the algorithm of Google records it.
  • When it displays you an ad, if you don’t like the ad, you click on the hide button, and if the ad is relevant to your interest, you click on the advertisement to know further about that product.
  • Your online purchase record is also kept safe so that Google can only show you only the relevant ads.  


The user profile is created based on your interests, likes, and dislikes. Google is using each platform; it has to know something more about you. User behavior and data mining is the business model of Google.      

What it knows about you;   

  • Your favorite TV shows, music, drinks and your views about any topic
  • All the books you read
  • Your favorite places and destinations
  • Shopping interests and behavior
  • Your fitness level and the sports you like the most.

Why Google Collects Your Personal Data

All of your data is used to provide you better user experience. It tries to find you the perfect results according to your searches and interest. It collects your data to;

  • Recommend Youtube videos
  • Better Google Maps experience
  • Quick and Easy access to your desired things
  • Better productivity while using the Google Assistant

Effects on your personal life

If all of your data saved on Google went to the wrong hands, it could cause some severe problems. Your own life can be affected because most of your data is open to the public.

  • Web criminals and hackers can breach the internet security. Although Google is a big company, it can be hacked, and once the scammers and hackers accessed your data, they can misuse it.
  • Google streets and Google Erath can show the address and view of your house, and anyone can have a map of your area and your roads.  
  • Google Home personal assistant is a new technology that tells the daily routine in your house like when you set alarms, turn off and on the lights of your house, turn on the Air conditioner, etc.

How to Protect your Online Privacy

Just follow some of the necessary steps to protect yourself from this data collecting software

1.   Check your Activities  

Go to “My Activities” and download the backup copy. You will learn a lot from the report. This report will tell you everything which you search form, your interest, your activities, and much more.

How to Download the Backup copy

  • Open the Google Takeout
  • You can select the specific data or Select All
  • Select the archive zip and type of file
  • Select the method of getting that report
  • Then click Create Archive

2.   Clear the Cookies

Websites store the data you searched, and next time they show you the relevant data based on your previous interests. Your personal information is also saved in cookies, so you should clear the cookies once in a month.  

3.   Use Incognito Mode

Using the Private mode or incognito mode won’t store your browsing history. When your history is not saved, no one can access it.

4.   Use VPN service

Using a Virtual Private Network can protect you from hackers and packet sniffers. RitaVPN is one of the best VPN services, which encrypts all of your data. RitaVPN is a fast and secure VPN that protects your online security by changing your IP address.  

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