What Is My IP?

What is my IP?

IP, the full name of the Internet Protocol address, refers to the IP address, which means the digital label of the device assigned to the Internet Protocol. IP assigns a logical address to each network and each host machine on the Internet to mask the difference in physical addresses. 

For example, the IP address of a computer connected to the Internet is 11010010 01001001 10001100 00000010, Obviously, these numbers are not easy to memory for humans.

In order to the memory easily, we divide the 32 – bit binary of the IP address of the computer into four segments, each segment has 8 bits separated by a decimal point, and then convert each eight-bit binary into a decimal number, after that the IP address 11010010 01001001 10001100 00000010 is changed to

Common versions of IP addresses are IPv4 and IPv6, and there are other small versions that are not commonly used. One of the main differences between IPv4 and IPv6 is that IPv4 provides 4,294,967,296 addresses, IPv6 increases the original 32-bit address space to 128 bits which means IPv6 can provide 6×1023 network addresses per square meter on the earth which will not be exhausted in the foreseeable future.

How is the Internet Protocol realized? Network interconnection devices, such as Ethernet, packet-switched networks, etc., are not interoperable with each other. The main reason for the inability to communicate is because the basic units of the data they transmit ( technically called “frames” ) have different formats. Actually, the IP protocol is a set of protocol software consisting of software and programs. It converts various “frames” into a “network protocol packet” format. This conversion is one of the most important features of the Internet, making all kinds of computers can be interoperable on the Internet.

However, surfing the internet is not always safe due to your IP address may leak. To get a private and secure online experience, we strongly recommend you to hide your IP with a virtual private network – VPN.

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