What is the main difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?

What is the biggest difference between IPv6 and IPv4? In fact, is that the number of IP addresses.

IPv6 is the version 6 protocol for IP addresses. What we are using now is IPv4, your network address may be a string of numbers like this: The address of IPv4 is 32 bits, and the total number is about 4.3 billion and it’s lesser when subtract the 192 and 170 address segments dedicated to the intranet. The IPv6 address has 128-bit address length, which is about 4.3 billion, and the address is extremely rich that it’s almost inexhaustible. Let put it in this way, every grain of sand on the earth can be assigned to its own address.

With IPv4 , we uses the shared public network IP. But with IPv6, even the street lights can have independent IP.

There are tens of billions of devices in the world, but there are only more than 4 billion addresses. it is enough for average user with surfing the Internet, but it is very difficult to access a certain Internet device from the public network, such as checking the camera at home or remotely controlling your own computer. But witch IPv6, each device can have a independent IP address. If equipped with a 5G network, each car, street light, trash can, fire hydrant can have a separate IP address. IPv6 address makes the “Internet of Things” possible.

In addition to the extremely rich IP address resources, IPv6 is more secure and response more quick.

IPv6 is more safe with encryption options as standard  ,making the communication between users and servers is hard to crack. What’s more, IPv6 can greatly reduce the network delay, which can be reduced from 100ms to single digits. Low network latency is not only helpful for playing games, it makes remote drones and unmanned cars feasible.

IPv4 , IPv6 and VPN

No matter IPv4 or IPv6, you are both at the risk of DNS Leak when you connect to internet, even if IPv6 is more secure than IPv4.

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