The Difference between a VPN and Incognito Mode / Private Browsing

The Difference between a VPN and Incognito Mode

When we are online at different devices in our home and offices, we want our privacy intact.

We need to understand how we can protect ourselves from hackers and thieves. There are many ways that have been successful and able to keep us anonymous online. We will discuss a few of them and we will tell you which one is better.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that is used to protect your data from the hacker. Furthermore, it is used to unblock websites and keeps you anonymous. Using the best VPN, users can enjoy privacy and security in their online activity system-wide. Users will not be tracked as their data will be encrypted.

Web browsers save all the activities and data of the users. These web browsers have a private mode. Private browsing keeps user’s history, cookies and form data temporarily. Once users have done with their session and close their private browsing, all information will be automatically deleted.

Many people think that VPN and private browsing do the same thing. This concept is totally wrong. Let’s discuss the differences between both of them.

Limitations of privacy feature

Both VPN and private browsing offer privacy features for their users but the privacy features vary in each of them. When the users are connected to a virtual private network, the connection itself is encrypted so that no third party can watch the browsing activity of the users. The third-party includes advertisers, hackers, and Internet Service Providers. It means that they are completely anonymous when they are using a VPN. It is useful when they want to hide their identity over the internet.

 In each browsing session, the private network offers privacy features for the users. When they close the incognito mode or private browsing after using it, everything they have done on the browser will be deleted automatically. It is useful when they have a shared or borrowed device and they don’t want to reveal their browsing activity. It hides what they were doing over the internet.

Internet Freedom

VPN is the most beneficial tool because it provides us total internet freedom while keeping our browsing activity private and secure. The outstanding feature of a VPN is that it provides us a new virtual IP address and hides our real IP address. This virtual IP address helps us to open the geographically restricted websites.

On the other hand, the “private browsing mode” hides your browsing activities in that particular browsing session. After closing the browser, you cannot see the internet history. Furthermore, it cannot facilitate us to get access to the government blocked websites.


VPN is a secure tunnel through which you hide your identity and can access what you want. It keeps your data private and secure.  Whatever data you transmit over the network is fully encrypted and it is hidden from the third party. The Internet service provider, government, hackers, and advertisers cannot see “which website you are visiting?”, “What kind of data you are transmitting?”, and “What are the passwords of your accounts”. You don’t have to worry about hackers that they can hack your private and personal information.

If we talk about private browsing, they are not secure at all. We are going to discuss the reason. Now we know it very well that private browsing or incognito mode is designed to keep your browsing session private. It does not protect your data from hackers. You can be tracked by your Internet Service Provider if your connection is not encrypted. They can steal or watch your private information if you don’t have advanced protection. Some hackers are so clever that they use different tricks to hack your data. Sometimes they install key-loggers or malware to your device. Even if you are using a private browsing/incognito mode, your browsing history and passwords can be accessed.

Internet Connection

If we are talking about VPN, we can say that it encrypts our internet connection with its private servers. Using this feature, you can access blocked websites from any location, just select the server according to your will. When you are using a VPN, it means that you are having a private connection and your data is fully private and protected.

When you are using private browsing or incognito mode, your regular internet connection is not encrypted. It means that a third party can access your private data because the privacy feature is limited to the browser level.


A VPN establishes a private and secure “tunnel” between you and the internet using the VPN server. The internet traffic that you send and receive is encrypted.  There is no third person involved in this activity. No one can track you as your real IP address is hidden. You will remain anonymous using a VPN. If an illegal activity or a cybercrime occurs it is difficult to identify the criminal.

However, private browsing does not have anonymity features. The reason for that is “It deletes your browsing history and cookies at the end of your session. This information is deleted only from your computer and not from other places like website servers and any other connected networks you used.”


Everyone wants the privacy and security of the data. After comparing VPNs and private browsing we can say that both have their own advantages.

If you just want privacy you should go for private browsing as they hide your browsing history and cookies.

However, if you are really concerned about your privacy as well as your security should choose VPN. The basic purpose of a VPN is to provide you a secure and encrypted network.

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