What is a VPN kill switch? Why do you need it?

What is a VPN kill switch Why do you need it

There are many VPN’s available in the market. All the VPN providers present themselves as the best. But do they meet all user needs? Absolutely not because not all VPNs are created equal. It is important to know the quality of the VPN before using it. VPN is essential for all Internet users because it focuses on privacy, security, and anonymity. This means that no one can track you as long as you are connected to VPN. These all features are available in RitaVPN.

However, sometimes the VPN server goes down and you lose the connection. In this way, you can easily be tracked by a malicious attacker and your IP address gets exposed. The most dangerous thing is that you do not know when your server connection is lost.

In this case, the VPN Kill switch is a key solution. Many VPN service providers have introduced this feature. VPN Kill switch guarantees that your IP address will not be exposed in case of dropped connection with virtual servers.

What are the reasons for disconnection?

There are several reasons for a server disconnection, some of which are as follows:

• Antivirus or firewall maybe restrict your VPN to connect with virtual servers. As a result, your connection will drop frequently. So, Antivirus/firewall might be the reason for your frequent VPN disconnection.

• More often cheap VPNs have limited servers due to which VPN servers experience a lot of traffic. As a result, servers are often disconnected. So heavy traffic load on servers is one of the reasons.

• Sometimes you switch to a fast speed VPN server if your currently connected server gives you slow speed. But the time-space between disconnecting from the slow speed VPN server and connecting to a fast speed VPN server, you are sending your data without encryption.

• There are many protocols for making VPN connections. They are more stable when they run on the TCP protocol. Connections are less stable if they run on other than TCP protocol. This is also a cause of frequent server disconnections.

• The strength of your Wi-Fi plays a very important role in frequent server disconnections. If the strength of your Wi-Fi connection is weak, you may face frequent disconnections with VPN servers due to excessive data losses. This is one of the main reasons for data leakage.

What is a VPN kill switch?

VPN Kill switch is an advanced feature of VPN services. It is always mentioned in the top features of the best VPN. There are many alternative names of VPN Kill switch like Internet Kill Switch or Network Lock, etc. You can call it by any name, they all are the same. By enabling it, it will never expose your IP address even if your connection to the VPN server is lost. When a VPN connection fails, it secures your identity by disconnecting your local internet. If you didn’t have the Kill switch feature in VPN, then your system will automatically connect to your local internet connection and your IP address gets exposed to third parties.

Note: keep in mind not all the VPN have enabled the VPN Kill switch automatically. Mostly you have to go into settings to enable it manually.

Working principle of VPN Kill switch:

The VPN Kill switch feature is like a tripwire that continuously monitoring your VPN connection. If it finds any VPN disconnection with a server, it automatically blocks your system to connect with the internet until a stable connection is established.

Why do you need VPN Kill switch?

There are many concerns about using a VPN. Privacy is one of them. You can use it to hide your privacy. However, if a VPN connection fails to connect with servers, your identity gets exposed and open for everyone. Here are the reasons why you need VPN Kill switch:

  • VPN Kill switch provides you the ultimate security for sensitive information even if VPN connection drops frequently.
  • Sometimes low strength VPN connection causes instability in connecting with virtual server results in connection drop. In such a case, the VPN Kill switch helps you to maintain your online anonymity.
  • Frequent disconnection eliminates mind peace. VPN kill switch gives you peace of mind that your identity will never expose to any hacker.

What kind of people should use VPN Kill switch?

VPN Kill switch is a versatile feature which fulfills the need of all type of users. But we mention some of the most concerning users of VPN Kill switch:

1. Torrent user

VPN Kill switch is very important for Torrent users because no Torrent user wants their IP address to leak out when connection drops but unfortunately, it happens. So, torrent users often prefer the best VPN with the advance Kill Switch feature.

2. Journalist

Journalist deals with very sensitive information. They’ve worked hard for years, so they don’t want their private information exposed. That’s why they prefer to use the Kill switch feature so that their years of hard work will not be wasted.

3. Political activist

Politicians are very conscious about their agenda. They try their best to hide their agenda from competitors. For this reason, they use a VPN Kill switch to hide their agenda on the internet.

4. Lawyer

The lawyer’s job is to solve people’s cases.  For this purpose, it researches people’s cases. In most cases, the lawyer has to deal with sensitive information which he does not want to expose prematurely. Here VPN Kill switch helps to hide their sensitive information.

5. Media content lover

Media content lovers are very fond of online streaming. They use a VPN to unblock websites. But when eventually VPN connection drops, all their fun goes away and they face difficulty in online streaming. So, they prefer VPN Kill switch to overcome this.

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6. Blogger

Bloggers explore new topics these days. Their job is to mining innovative data and writing them. It is harmful to bloggers if their researched-based information leaked out during virtual server disconnections. So, bloggers prefer to use VPN with Kill switch feature.

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