The logic bomb: What it is and how to prevent it?

The logic bomb What it is and how to prevent it

Companies have changed their approach from old-school online security threats to all sophisticated breaches of safety. But things are changing in this market. By adjusting them, black hats have begun making the perfect use of the old hacking techniques. Logic Bomb belongs to these attacks.

What is Logic Bomb?

It is a malware that is activated by an event reaction like starting an app or reaching a particular date/time. Attackers or Intruders have several ways of using logic bombs. They can integrate arbitrary code into a Trojan horse or fake app, and would be performed when that fake software is launched.

Fake Software: This fake software comes with an absurd code, especially pre-loaded. Logic bombs are constructed with such a technology that when you will launch these fake software, the bomb triggers or begins to exploit.  

Key logger: Hackers use a blend of logic bombs and spyware in attempting to steal your private information. They can use spyware for installing a keylogger on your device without your knowledge. By that keylogger, it is effortless for anyone to capture all of your keystrokes, which includes your login credentials. The logic bomb is designed in such a way that it will wait for you to visit online banking accounts. Whenever you visit any banking site and enter your banking account login details, the keylogger sends all these details to some remote attacker.

Logic bombs are triggered whenever the user performs a particular action or activity.

Triggers are of two types

  • Positive trigger
  • Negative trigger.

When some incident or event occurs, and all the requirements and demands are completed, it is a positive trigger. When the needs and requirements are not completed, it is a negative trigger. Using the wrong credentials while logging in is a negative trigger.

What is Time Bomb?

When a logic bomb is designed to perform a particular task on a specific date, it is called Time Bomb. The particular dates like, as Easter or Christmas Day arrives, time bombs are typically designed to blast. Angry or unhappy clients develop time bombs to destroy all the data in the systems of their entities in case of termination.

They design the code in such a way that it would be dormant until the programmer is working in the payroll system of the organization. When that employee is terminated from his job, the Time Bomb will be triggered.

How to Detect a Logic Bomb?

It is not easy to detect any Logic Bomb in your device. Still, you can take some security initiatives such as constant supervision of the computing system for any malicious activities, using antivirus apps and other monitoring systems that can quickly identify any new program in the network system.

The monitoring tools should also supervise the entire network and all the devices which are connected to that network.

What to do if you have detected the Logic Bomb?

In such a case, immediately contact your service providers or vendors and tell them to start an inspection under the entire security team of the company.

How to stay secure against Logic Bombs?

The following practices should be followed to prevent the Logic Bombs

  • Make sure that your service providers are trustworthy. You should ask the other users about the reputation of the service providers.
  • You should scan all the documents, files, and compressed files in your devices regularly.
  • Always keep your antivirus software up-to-date.
  • Always keep email screening and auto-protect features enabled in your devices
  • You should secure all the computers which are connected to a network.
  • Provide a precise and secure user policy to all the workers and also guide them to recognize their role in keeping the security and integrity of every information.
  • Never download any pirated software. Most of the pirated software also includes logic bombs and viruses. Always beware of the fake and false software.
  • Always download the freeware from a secure and safe source. If you have downloaded it from any unknown or suspicious link, most probably, it may have a logic bomb or virus.
  • Good internet behavior is essential because most of the logic bombs are shared through suspicious links and emails.
  • You should also monitor the activities of those workers who are having good relations with the management of the company.
  • If you have been using the old versions of the operating system, there’s a massive chance of a logic bomb attack on your system. Always use the feature of automatic updates in your operating system.

Important Tip for Logic Bombs

Experts suggest that you should divide the tasks if possible. Rather than giving free control to the whole IT workers, clearly explain and restrict who may have access to each program. If you have hired an employee for the accounting section, he shouldn’t have access to the email servers. If any employee has complete access to each system, you need to be very cautious about him and you must monitor his activities.

Virtual Private Network

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