How Does a VPN Work

VPN has been around for years. Before the birth of smartphone, VPN was mainly used for computers. Nowadays, mobile phone users are in the majority. They use VPN to achieve anonymous browsing on the Internet and stream major content providers like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

This has even been fueled by a series of hacker attack and data leakage happened recently. It raises people’s awareness of online security and privacy. They are turning to VPN to shield their Internet security from potential threats.

How does a VPN work? Let’s go into more details.

Change your location

A VPN service provides many servers in different regions and countries to you. You are free to choose a server and your traffic will be sent to this server. It looks like you are at the same location as that server. In this way. Your location was changed so that others can’t track your real IP address. In addition, you can bypass geo-blocks and access content from other countries.

Encrypt your data

Without a VPN, your traffic is sent to the ISP directly. ISP and hackers can easily access your private data. A VPN sets an encrypted tunnel from you to the server. Traffic travel through the tunnel. All your information including browsing history and passwords would be secured.  

Shield your privacy

VPNs are committed to shielding your privacy from Internet snoopers. You may have the concern that VPN itself collect and store your personal information. Actually, some VPNs keep a very strict no-logs policy. The basic information collected for service optimization keeps you informed in their privacy policy.

In short, VPN protects your privacy by changing your location and encrypt your data. Protect yourself with a private, safe and fair VPN. You will have fast and secure Internet access anywhere in the world.

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