How to Avoid Throttling from ISP

With the 5G era drawing near, people’s requirement for data usage is growing. The limited plan can’t satisfy the needs of netizens. Driven by the continuous improvement of communication network facilities and the increasingly rich online world, the plan provided by operators is also at a much lower price. The speed of the network has been accelerated. While trying to maintain stock and obtain incremental customers, operators are getting harder and harder to reduce prices and speed up. So they have turned their eyes to unlimited plan.

Unlimited plan is a general term that includes a large amount of voice call, text message, and data plan. However, there are all kinds of traps, among which the most intuitive and influential is throttling. Because all the unlimited plans launched by operators have some restrictions which cannot be satisfied in technical ways at the present stage.

Imagine you’re sitting on your couch watching TV on the weekend, and suddenly the Internet slows down and the video keeps loading. It really bothers you.

Why does ISP throttle users

They need to ease their network congestion when they are not capable of handling the extra traffic during peak hours. And it is trying to prevent people from maliciously occupy network through unlimited plan. Unlimited data at a high speed is so expensive that they couldn’t afford it.  

So how to avoid throttling? Our first recommendation is VPN.

If your ISP detects your data and slow down your download speed, and switching providers is no help, you’d better use a VPN – the easiest way to get secure and anonymous access to video, music and more online. You are able to stream sites regardless of the restrictions. Encrypt your data by using a VPN, hiding it from your service provider, and the ISP is not able to monitor your traffic. So you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV series without any restrictions.

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