VPN vs. SSH Tunnel: Which Is More Secure?

VPN vs. SSH Tunnel Which Is More Secure

Today’s people use the internet for business purposes and also for many other activities. For that VPN is very famous as a secure method to communicate online. As well as VPN, SSH is also a secure method to browse on the internet. But VPN has been popular as we can connect into any network at any location within a few seconds. Making a path to another network VPN holds you stable. Generally, it is used for the protection of privacy when you roam in cyberspace. VPN gives an extreme contribution to protect your privacy.

What is a VPN and SSH?

The simplest way to describe VPN and SSH is, VPN connects us into another network while SSH connects us into another computer.

When you use both of them you will have better safety. Many VPN services do not provide proper service for the money you pay. Therefore, you cannot trust them but we are going to introduce you to a 100% trustable VPN, stay till the end.

SSH is also known as the “the poor man’s VPN” or “the VPN that no-one remembers”. Both of them are very useful and are still mostly used.

Many people are using the Remote Desktop connection when logging in to Windows VPS. It is also a kind of SSH graphically developed. But when login to Linux VPS, the SSH Command line is used.

What is an SSH Tunnel?

A remote terminal session can be used safely by using an SSH. And also, there are some other special benefits. SSH can be used as a SOCKS proxy because of the strong encryption in it. Computer applications can be utilized using because of this feature. Via the SOCKS proxy which runs on a local system, web traffic is passed and SSH connection is forwarded through it by SSH client. In simply we can describe SSH tunneling in this way.

Benefits of SSH

You may have used the command line earlier. For example, to track IP addresses on the web, command lines are used. Using the command-line tool SSH can be used on your OS. So, this the best way to avoid non-technical users.

And also, when we talk about the people who dig deep into computers, the use of SSH is the best way to do the operation successfully other than the regular methods. As an example, when you want to handle the number of servers at once, SSH is a better solution.

Developers use this to test their software applications on mobile devices.

And also, to share files securely, this method is used.

Benefits of VPN

The most important thing about VPN is, that it is user-centric. They have designed it first as a safer file in a large area, and a protocol that only exchanges information with you. However, now it is used for many purposes.

VPN protects you, encrypt your data & block the IPS pressure. Using many VPN protocols, you can get this everything.  

Non-technical people can log in to VPN using Wi-Fi or data in their device. You can do many things with SSH, but for that, you need some knowledge in ICT. Therefore, the use of a VPN is easier.

Out of VPN and SSH, what is better for China and other restricted countries?

To cross the Great Firewall of China or other internet and firewall filtering systems set by other countries SSH tunnel can be used as a highly secured method because of the port forwarding function of it. This also applies to VPNs. However, not all VPNs can be used to bypass the Great China Firewall.

Why do we not use both?

Even you do not think about privacy, with a VPN it is easy to use. You can use a free VPN or a paid VPN & there are many differences. In paid VPNs, they have more features than free VPNs. If you are finding a better & safer VPN, we recommend that RitaVPN is the best VPN for you. You can get it as a free trial plan, month plan or as a year plan.

SSH will support you whenever you need extra security while you are browsing on the internet other than a VPN. Yes, there are instances and places while one will better serve your needs than others. So, no need to use a specialized one. Both are better to keep in your digital toolbox.

But anybody can use it even not having any technical knowledge.

What are the differences between a VPN and SSH?

The biggest difference between the VPN and SSH is the TCP/IP level they used to operate on.

When you are using SSH, it connects one computer directly to the other and encrypts the data on that computer from the app. VPN is not like that. When using a VPN, it encrypts all the data in the network.

Speed and Performance

TCP connections are limited by the SSH and also there may DNA leakages when using SSH.

There is a better performance in VPN when hiding traffic sources than SSH.

And also, when considering the cost, VPN is more cost-effective.


Though usage of VPN & SSH is useful when surfing the internet, through SSH can log in to the internet only centering one device. As SSH has a high price than VPN, VPN is more suitable. Also, to use SSH you should have some knowledge of ICT & SSH command-line knowledge. But VPN is not like so. Anyone can log in to any website, social media network in any place in the world. Therefore, you just need to use the best VPN & the most suitable VPN that available is RitaVPN. We recommend it due to its safety, loyalty & technical range.

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