How to protect your WhatsApp from third parties?

How to protect your WhatsApp from third parties

Importance of WhatsApp as a social media platform for the users.

WhatsApp is used as the most popular messaging application in many countries throughout the world. In the beginning, WhatsApp was used just for communicating among the family members and friends. But at present, it is used very much for business purposes.

International calls are allowed freely

Using cellular data or Wi-Fi connection you can communicate anyone anywhere in the world by a voice calling or messaging through WhatsApp. The communicating process can be done as private chats or group chats. It is a nice way to communicate with a family member, friends, members in working groups who are distributed throughout the world. Using this app, you can share any documents, photos, videos other than the voice calls and messages. WhatsApp just uses your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. No other fees to use WhatsApp.

Has Easy chatting and calling over most platforms

There is not any specialized platform for WhatsApp, it supports all the platforms. you can use WhatsApp easily in iPhones, android and Windows phones and also in Mac or Windows desktops and laptop computers. And also, there is a web version of the WhatsApp that is facilitated with all the privileges of the mobile version

What are the third-party Security issues in WhatsApp?

The main security issue for WhatsApp is being subject to Hacking.

The following are some risks for WhatsApp which has subjected to hack.

Impact of Spyware

There are Spywares on both iOS and Android, that have designed for WhatsApp.

It is very powerful and can organize quickly and attack when a WhatsApp group chat is on the wrong persons’ hands.

 If a third-party spy has identified loose communications within a key WhatsApp group chat, he needs to spend only a few minutes with a target’s phone to load spyware.

Spyware is cannot be identified by any security software on the device and it is invisible until it attacks the target. Whenever spyware is loaded in the device, all the things shared through WhatsApp can be observed from any other device including messages, calls, images, audios, and videos.

Impact of Group Chats

A research team in Ruhr-University Bochum uncovered significant gaps in WhatsApp’s group chat security. They have pointed out that WhatsApp group chats are not secured.

Anyone with access to WhatsApp’s servers could easily insert new users into private groups, without any permission. It is a kind of hacking of the WhatsApp’s servers, but then the principle of end-to-end encryption will be invalid.

Impact of Unsecured Backups

In his year Facebook and Google have announced a deal that allows the users to back up the content of the WhatsApp to their Google Drive, without considering the storage limit.

This process invalidates WhatsApp’s claim of end-to-end encryption. While messages, files, and images are secure on your device, once the backup activates, and the data moves to Google’s cloud servers, its safety is no longer guaranteed.

What is the best security practice to avoid third parties?

There are some security practices we can follow to avoid third parties. Monitor WhatsApp Web – keep checking your WhatsApp Web, whether your WhatsApp is being accessed from another device or not.

  1. Uninstall any suspicious app from your device
  2. Lock WhatsApp: -One of the best WhatsApp security tips is to protect the app with a password or PIN.
  3. Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in the photo roll
  4. Hide last seen timestamp
  5. Restrict access to the profile picture
  6. Be aware of scams
  7. If your phone has lost, then quickly deactivate WhatsApp
  8. Remember to log out of WhatsApp Web

Above mentioned security practices are not long-term resulting solutions. They are permanent and we have to monitor always. Some are impractical to do, because when uninstalling apps, it may lose our important data also. So, there is the best solution for this problem which provides effective security to our WhatsApp account avoiding third parties. That is the installing of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It encrypts the connection within the network, throughout the Internet.

Will a VPN secure WhatsApp from third parties?

Although WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption of all user data, governments, hackers or any other third party may monitor the communications. So,  

this encryption cannot be trusted. And also, this app is blocked by many educational institutions, employers and totalitarian governments.

Whatever the reason, if you are getting blocked or fear security attacks of third parties, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the only solution that resolves all those problems. If you are in WhatsApp blocked region you can change your location through a VPN and connect to WhatsApp without allowing security attacks also. But among VPN services there are some VPN that have security issues. Because the VPN service providers also collect data from WhatsApp communications. There are some VPN which can be hacked by Hackers. So, if you installing a VPN you should install a reliable and trusted VPN. We can recommend the most trusted VPN called RitaVPN which provides you a more secure and trustable connection. Following are some reasons for recommending you the RitaVPN to preserve your WhatsApp from Third Parties

  • Online security
  • No-logs privacy protection
  • Well-encrypted connections
  • Fast download speeds
  • Wide global server coverage
  • App coverage for all major platforms
  • 24/7 customer support

RitaVPN guarantees that it will stop WhatsApp totally from recording your messages. However, you should understand that using WhatsApp without VPN is not recommended. Because;

  • The Government Can Break WhatsApp’s End-to-End Encryption – The App’s Encryption System Alone Is Not Enough
  • Protecting Your Overall Data Transmissions Is Important – Hackers Are Targeting This App


All over the world, people want to use Facebook and WhatsApp messenger with a VPN. Doing so allows you to use the WhatsApp messenger in a secured network where unauthorized third parties cannot access your communication.

The RitaVPN which is mentioned above specially recommends you, because it has a fast and secure server all over the world to preserve your WhatsApp from third parties. And also, this RitaVPN is trustworthy, has close to 100% uptime on all its servers, and has fantastic customer support.

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