The Risks of Facial Recognition Applications

The Risks of Face Recognition Apps

Everyone desires safety and utmost security over the net even while they fun around it. There are times our friends put up group images where we featured, then we just get automatically tagged in them, ever wondered why? This is the exact way facial recognition apps work. The feature works with modern-day technology which allows it to easily recognize individual faces using inbuilt gridlines.

Today, the facial recognition feature alongside fingerprint scans for the phone has helped secured smartphones from a third party and unauthorized usage. Although facial recognition has posed to be a blessing to recent day cybersecurity, it also has some flaws which could be hazardous to every user. These hazards are the aim of this article, read on…

Common Facial Recognition Application As earlier said, facial recognition apps have posed to be handy tools for modern phone and apps lock, therefore it is integral to analyze some of the best facial recognition apps at the moment.

1. BioID – Facial Recognition App

BioID facial recognition has one of the best face lock recognition features which are free for both Android as well as iOS users. Forgetting passwords is never of big concern, once the face lock function is enabled, your smartphone is ready for use.

This same app allows u to lock their choice app with the face lock recognition, as long as it is supported by the app and website, you can always surface identification.

2. Luxand – Face Recognition App

The face recognition and identification feature here automatically saves faces from images and live video streams. The identification also includes gender and age recognition which allows the app to be used both for unlocking supported applications as well as a fun app that allows you have fun with features like piercings, beards and the likes.

3. FaceApp

The FaceApp is more of a fun loaded application than its actual function. However, this should not be interpreted for poor performance, it remains a very handy application for facial recognition which also gives premium face filters when editing photos on your smartphone.

4. True Key

Sharing huge similarities with BioID, True Key is undoubtedly a true key for face lock functions. That being said, the functions and features on True Key seem to be more concerned with users’ security, hence they set up a series of authentication which keeps users data secured.

5. Face Lock Face Recognition App

Unlike the rest on the list, the Face Lock Face Recognition App is only available to Android users only. The application allows users to perform the same task of unlocking smartphones using the facial lock function, as well as the option of using passwords or pin protection. The feature also works for smartphones and supported applications.

Dangers of Facial Recognition Applications

An essential requirement for the perfect functioning of facial recognition technology is an internet connection, this thereby implies that a tamper with the data connection will equivalently result in a threat at user’s safety.

Facial recognition is usually stuffed with a huge amount of information, how come they have this amount of information without our consent? Another important issue to be given concern arises here. The question of what the dangers of facial recognition apps are yet to be answered.

  • Privacy

Although, there have been efforts by facial recognition app developers to keep the user’s information private and secured. However, this has not been very possible based on the fact that this is done through the net, a place not private itself.

In addition, users are not notified or asked before collecting information about them, this way people can not decide what they would not want to share since data and information are done without their consent and notification.

  • Security

While facial recognition apps are used consistently for fostering safety and security in diverse areas, modern technology has refused to secure itself from terrible hackers and unauthorized users. The data acquired is stored in the cloud, and it is no news that the internet is highly vulnerable to every hacker and cyber-criminal.

Virtually every day, there never cease to be a reach of safety and online access; thereby making the cloud an unsecured platform. While facial recognition apps have also put in place a number of security measures as aforementioned, these cybercriminals do not relent in their callous act, they even get more sophisticated and smart in carrying out their hacking tasks. So what if there is an internet breach and all your information gets in their hands? Funnily, what if the information gotten is further used for illegal purposes? All of these have proved how dangerous the facial app could be to users.

  • Mistaken identity

Noting that nothing is ultimately safe, efficient and accurate; not even the internet is. The facial recognition app has also concurred with this notion as they are liable to tender untrue and false claims about users, this is undesirable and can, in turn, lead to unwarranted consequences.

  • Unauthorized Access by facial recognition apps

It has been said that facial recognition apps take information without notifying users of this, in that regard, they take whatever information that is available and within their reach. This way users can not control what should be taken or left out by the application, this is a breach of privacy.


In the um of the aforementioned, facial recognition apps cannot be eradicated or abandoned from usage, one should only look for better ways to use them. In response to the latter, RitaVPN came to the rescue. The VPN which possesses utmost anonymity to users will keep your information highly encrypted and safe from any unauthorized access.

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Since all pieces of information are acquired through internet access, using RitaVPN keeps your connection safe from any form of breach or break-in.

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