RitaVPN: the best VPN provider for North Korea

Rita VPN the best VPN provider for North Korea

A virtual private network (VPN) generates a safe, encrypted connection across a less secure network, like the public Internet. A VPN employs tunneling protocols to encrypt data at the sending point and also decrypt it at the receiving end. For maximum security, both the originating and receiving network addresses are encrypted too.

VPN apps are frequently used by people who want to guard data passages on their mobile devices or that wish to access sites that are geographically restricted. Protected access to a private network or website over a mobile VPN should not be mixed or considered the same with private browsing. Private browsing is not all about encryption. It is merely an elective browser modification that blocks identifiable user data, such as cookies, from being gathered and transmitted to third-party servers.

How a VPN works

At its most fundamental level, VPN tunneling produces a point-to-point connection that cannot be entered by unapproved users. If you are to create the VPN tunnel, the endpoint device should be operating a VPN client (software application) nearby or in the cloud. The VPN client would be running in the background and is not detectable by the end-user, except there are performance problems.

A VPN can be affected by several factors. One of those factors is the speed of users’ internet connections. And the kinds of protocol an internet service provider uses and the type of encryption used by the VPN. In the enterprise, efficiency can also be influenced by the poor quality of service (QoS) outside the power of a company’s IT department.

Internet Censorship in North Korea

North Korea, as one of the most oppressive governments in the world, seriously regulates internet access for both visitors and citizens. Extensive use of the global Internet is available to only a few high-level personnel in the Workers’ Party of Korea. Students and faculty may have limited access to some universities. However, each activity is highly monitored, and lots of sites are blocked totally. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram cannot be accessed in North Korea.

The few vacationists and other guests that come to the country every year can access the Internet through a 3G network. Most of the regular citizens can only view internet access through Kwangmyong, which is a free public intranet with a moderate amount of sites and services.

Kwangmyong explained

The Kwangmyong is the leading equipment of internet restriction in North Korea. It is a “walled garden” intranet service. It contains between 1,000 and 5,000 websites comprising national politic, science, economics, and culture, all of which are tightly regulated by the nation. The network also allows email, social media, and messaging. However, all activities are stringently monitored.

The Kwangmyong is made available 24hours through a dial-up connection, though only a few North Koreans have it in their homes. Because it is North Koreans’ primary form of electronic communication, it efficiently serves as a filter. And it monitors objection and blocks citizens from viewing news from independent or foreign sources.

How to access the Internet freely in North Korea

A lot of websites have been banned in North Korea. So if you reside in North Korean regions, you will not be able to access lots of sites. You will have to use a VPN. And RitaVPN is one of the most secure VPN service providers.

Meet RitaVPN

RitaVPN is managed by Weikawen Technology Limited, which was established in 2017 in HongKong. The Firm majors in SD-WAN, popularly called WAN optimization. Which delivers online gaming, video chat, music streaming, video conference, online video streaming, and lots of other things. It is a developing VPN service provider that guarantees the security and anonymity of online users.

It is committed to encrypting your traffic and breaking VPN blocking. RitaVPN is an effective tool that helps you to get unique and secure Internet access. RitaVPN takes users’ privacy and anonymity as a priority. North Korean residents can depend on RitaVPN to stay undetectable and protected on the Internet.

RitaVPN Features

The special features of the RitaVPN:

  • Dependable encryption technologies for traffic data
  • Zero traffic records that mean user activity is never recorded
  • Fast installation and easy-to-use
  • One account works on several devices like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Access to popular contents streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO
  • It can be used to download torrents fast, safely and anonymously
  • It comes with a Smart server that chooses the fast server for you automatically
  • Dedicated lines that give bufferless streaming to internet users in specific regions

RitaVPN Pricing

RitaVPN has three perfect plans you can choose from. In case you are not yet sure you want to subscribe to a VPN, you should know RitaVPN is absolutely a good choice for North Korea. It offers fresh users with 6 hours of a free trial. 

Three steps to set up RitaVPN:

  • Create an account by selecting a plan and pay with your chosen method of payment.
  • You can now download RitaVPN to your device. It will automatically select the version that fits with the devices you are operating.
  • After that, you can now Install RitaVPN and start enjoying private browsing.

RitaVPN is reliable to use for its encryption technologies and zero logs policy. Besides, RitaVPN is easy-to-use and straightforward but delivers high-level service for its users. You will be amazed by the outstanding performance if you use it in North Korea.

Moreover, RitaVPN guarantees a strict zero-logs policy that keeps your details only to yourself. If you decide to use RitaVPN in North Korea, you would not worry about your online security and privacy.

Kill switch

Although RitaVPN’s connection is very stable, a kill switch technology is integrated into the RitaVPN service. This is to protect the online activities of users and restrict temporary exposure in case the connection is disrupted.


RitaVPN utilizes the CA authentication system (asymmetric key certificate system). The most significant advantage of the asymmetric key system is its distinctly unusual security. It offers a 1024-bit asymmetric cryptographic algorithm and fosters VPN technology of the application layer on the network protocol stack. Additionally, the MD5 data encryption algorithm is employed in the transmission process to preserve the integrity of the data.

So the best VPN, however, that can be used in North Korea is the RitaVPN. 

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