What is the Best VPN Provider for Nigeria in 2020?

What is the Best VPN Provider for Nigeria in 2019

Research has shown that Nigeria has the highest number of internet users in Africa. There is no doubt that Nigeria, therefore, is a huge market for ISPs and other internet-related companies. Recent studies show that over 92 million Nigerians spend over $544,000,000 on monthly internet subscription. The big question here is do they get the actual worth of what they spend? An average Nigerian only enjoys partial freedom on the internet which is caused by the Nigerian Government and other foreign-based companies.

Though the internet is perceived as a free space to connect with people all over the world, internet freedom is not absolute in some locations. The Nigerian Government has clamped down on internet freedom a few years back in a bid to monitor political activities on the internet.  Some companies and countries also place some restrictions on internet access which limits Nigerians from enjoying full usage of the internet. Geo-blocking is an example of such restrictions. Geo-blocking revokes a user’s request to access a website. It also limits internet content based on the user’s location.

It is no secret that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is very useful in countries like Nigeria. Connecting to a foreign VPN’s server can protect your identity by masking your original IP address which gives you a total sense of freedom from the claws of the Nigerian Government. VPN usage also gives you access to unlimited content on the internet. Yes! You can access geo-blocked websites and enjoy their content with the use of a good VPN.  Using a good VPN saves you some money if you’re paying for services or goods online and also from geo-targeted cyber attacks. Using a VPN is not only beneficial to native Nigerians but also foreigners who plan to visit Nigeria. You can stay connected to your favorite shows and services during your stay in Nigeria.

Is VPN Legal in Nigeria?

Even with the partial government internet censoring, it is completely legal to use a VPN provider in Nigeria. After all, it’s for your safety and it ensures you get complete value for what you are spending. This post will recommend the best VPN provider you can use to stay secure in Nigeria but before that, let us take a look at what Nigerian IP addresses cannot access.

Best VPN Provider for Nigeria in 2020

There are many features to be considered before recommending a VPN provider such as security, speed, privacy, bypassing geo-restrictions, access to a large number of servers and others. There are many free and paid VPN providers out there who promise what they don’t deliver. Some of them contain malware and leak user data. After many tests and research, I highly recommend RitaVPN for a private, safe and fair internet experience.

RitaVPN is a cross-platform VPN that is easy to use and has excellent speed.  RitaVPN does a wonderful job of masking your IP address and they do not keep any logs. RitaVPN does not leak user data in any way which makes it the best to use for safe, secure and private surfing of the internet. RitaVPN uses high-end super encryption while connecting to open hotspots that prevent cyber attacks. A striking feature of RitaVPN is its ability to access geo-restricted websites with high buffering speed.

Geo-blocked Websites and Services

There are a host of geo-blocked websites and services on the internet but these are the most popular among Nigerians in no particular order. If you attempt to access any of these websites below with a Nigerian IP address, you will either get restricted content or total blockage to the website.

  1. Netflix: You can access Netflix with a Nigerian IP address, but the content is greatly restricted. Netflix placed restrictions on several U.S. shows and movies to users from other countries. Unfortunately, a Nigerian IP address can only access 11.2% of Netflix Original movies and 15.6% of Netflix TV shows. 
  2. Spotify: Spotify is a music streaming service that also allows its users to watch music videos and podcasts. Spotify is not accessible with a Nigerian IP, even though it is available in most countries. If you are a fan of good music, all you have to do is access Spotify with a VPN!
  3. Hulu: Hulu is another video streaming company controlled by a collaboration of four of the largest TV corporations in America – 21st Century Fox, Time Warner, The Walt Disney Company and Comcast. Hulu operates similarly to Netflix. Hulu can only be accessed in U.S military bases, U.S and Japan.
  4. PayPal: PayPal is an online service that enables you to send money, pay for goods and services, and accept payments. In 2014, PayPal extended partial operations to users from Nigeria, which only allows them to make payments or send money. If you use a Nigerian PayPal account, you will not be able to receive payments on your PayPal account. The only way around it is to use a VPN to connect to a foreign server, open a foreign PayPal account, which will enable you to receive payment.
  5. WeChat: WeChat is a Chinese social media platform that also denies Nigerian users access to its features. WeChat is mostly used by mini importers from China. A reliable VPN is needed if you want to chat with a friend in China or send money to China through the WeChat wallet.
  6. WatchESPN: WatchESPN, or ESPN3, is an online sports video streaming website. WatchESPN is owned by ESPN, an American sports TV channel. ESPN also blocks visitors from outside the United States with geo-restriction. If you are a lover of sports, you can follow-up live events by using a VPN to access ESPN3.


Hope you now have an idea of what you have been shut off from while browsing the internet without a VPN. If you are ready to get more value for your money, RitaVPN is highly recommended as the best VPN Provider for Nigeria. RitaVPN does not only give you access to restricted websites, but they also place a high priority on your security and privacy. Visit their website today to get started.

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