What is Internet Privacy and Security?

internet privacy and security
internet privacy and security

The rate at which internet privacy and security is gaining grounds amidst all internet users both young and old is very alarming. Today, it’s so obvious that lots of companies monitor your actions across various websites in other to give you extremely important advertisements for me. Besides, even the government monitors your movements on the internet to predict the way you behave and also how to manage you in a better way. Also, those cybercriminals who won’t desist from stealing your data for their evil purposes.

What is Internet Privacy and Security?

Internet privacy can be defined as the personal privacy that you’re empowered to enjoy whenever you upload, display, store, or give important information about yourself, company or business on the Internet.

It also relates to any rights you have to manage and control your private information and how it’s being used on the internet.

Internet privacy is also called online privacy, it is a part of the fundamental human right and data privacy.

Internet Security is the medium in which your personal information is being protected.

I’m sure you might be pondering on the question “How can I protect my personal information on the Internet? Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about, written below are different ways in which you can protect privacy and security on the internet.

Different Ways to Protect Your Privacy and Security on the Internet:

  • Protect your web browsers

The most used application is the browser, that’s what is used mostly to go online and get some information, so you have to ensure that you do everything it takes to protect and secure your web browsers from cyber criminals so they won’t use it as a medium through which they will gain access to your data.

  •  Modify Your Settings on Facebook, Google. etc.

Most internet companies give you options that will enable you to manage your ad preferences. Either to opt-out or turn them off.  Ensure you make use of those options made available by internet companies.

  •  Make use of Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Making use of RitaVPN is the best way to protect your Internet privacy and security. It enables you to change your IP address, encrypting all the information that you send or receive on your device, which will ensure that all your activities and personal information are kept safe from cybercriminals.

It helps prevents websites, browsers, internet companies, and service providers from monitoring your data and your browser history.

The other benefits you stand to enjoy if you choose RitaVPN includes the following:

  • Easy to use and easy to set up
  • Enable you to browse all or selected websites and applications anonymously.
  • Defeats VPN blocking anywhere in the world
  • Protects your privacy
  • Install an Effective Anti-virus software and Activation of Firewall

Ensure that you install effective anti-virus software and activate firewall on your devices, doing that will keep your device free from any kind of malware, for example, viruses, spyware, etc. and also the activation of your firewall will keep away every unwanted network traffic.

  • Frequently Delete all Cookies at Browser Exit

Before you’re about to exit your browser ensure that you delete cookies frequently because it is used by advertisers, websites and other third-parties to monitor your movement online. It’s either you delete them manually or automatically delete them which can be achieved by configuring your browser after use.

  • Regular Software Update  

If you don’t update your software regularly you are making them susceptible to attacks from cybercriminals, ensure that you keep your browser, operating systems, etc. up to date so that you don’t miss out on the great added features and also security fixes.

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