Top Reasons Why You Just Can’t Stop VPN Torrenting!

VPN Torrenting
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Did you recently download a movie, music, video game, or eBook from a torrent site? You aren’t alone.

In fact as of August 2019 Alladin topped the charts for the most downloaded movies. TorrentFreak recorded over one million downloads in less than one day.

Almost half of the Spanish citizens access pirated contents online. Moreover, different governments, agencies, and content producers, etc. are joining hands to bring illegal downloading down.

But then, none of these measures seems to water down our obsession to acquire whatever we want. —And when we want it for free, even copyright trolls won’t stand on our way!

Is Torrenting Safe With a VPN?

Now, in as much as torrenting can be fun, addictive, and free, we just can’t overlook the fact that it is unsafe. To some extent, it can also be deemed illegal.

Of course, torrenting on its own isn’t illegal. Nevertheless, if you download copyrighted content, it becomes unlawful.

In most cases, it isn’t always apparent at first whether the file you’re choosing to torrent is legal or not. Because of this, many torrent lovers have found themselves in the gray area.

You may unknowingly, find yourself brushing shoulders with the law. Besides, copyright trolls and the Internet Service Providers (ISP) who monitors your BitTorrent site may throttle your internet connectivity. They may also take legal action against you.

If you’re conscious about your privacy, your best bet would always be to use the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to conceal your internet activity from the prying eyes of your ISPs.

That means that torrenting is safe with a VPN, but you need to be keen when choosing from the popular VPNs. This is primarily important because there are exclusive VPNs that work best when it comes to using the torrent sites as compared to the common ones.

Therefore, if you’re craving to visit your favorite BitTorrent site and block your Internet Service Provider from spying your Internet activity, you must be keen on your choice of the Virtual Private Network.

What’s the Best VPN for Torrenting?

First things, first! To be on the safe side, it’s prudent that you perform due diligence before settling on a Virtual Private Network vendor. Note that there are tons of amateurish vendors who won’t give back the best value for your money.

Here’s a rundown of the quick pointers that will help you find the best VPN for torrenting.

1. The VPN should not keep track of your internet activities. This will make it easier on your side, covering your records from the ISPs.

2. Speed. The cornerstone of a reliable VPN for torrenting is security. Nevertheless, a good VPN should also offer configurations which ensure that you have steady speed when streaming or engaging in any Peer to Peer (P2P) activities.

3. Encryption. As far as your online security is concerned, your VPN of choice must come with different encryption modes to ensure the highest level of online anonymity.

4. Ease of use. You don’t need to be a tech expert in using the tool. Ideally, it should be made with simple functionality that won’t compromise your VPN experience.

5. Versatile. Versatility is the linchpin of a reliable Virtual Private Network Provider. A good VPN for torrenting should support multiple OS platforms and devices you may need to use.

Besides, it should also not limit you in terms of the P2P functionalities like threshold bandwidth and sharing of files among peers, etc. in your network.

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