Top 6 Reasons Why do expats need a VPN

Top 6 Reasons Why do expats need a VPN

The idea of moving foreign could be challenging to say the very least; there is always a lot to thinks about the new place. Another aspect of living in another country that some expats may not immediately understand is their online protection, and how they should obtain unhindered access to stuff like social media to stay in contact with their loved ones. You need a VPN service to enjoy the favourite online content like news sources, social media, and TV shows.

What is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

A virtual private network produces a safe, encrypted connection for your device and remote server at the area of your preference. The connection will be encrypted, and you will get a new IP address. No one will be able to track your exact location.

A VPN has other advantages, which are particularly useful for expatriates. From allowing you to stay in contact with family and friends back home to try to make your internet banking safer the following are some reasons why expats must use a VPN.

1. Unrestricted access to social media

It was never easy to keep in touch with your loved ones while abroad. WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, as well as other social media platforms let you catch up quickly with people who mean the most to you you’re available on the internet.

But, this idea of bringing people around has rendered social media platforms the target of state repression. Over the last few years, many governments all over the world have stopped access to online social media platforms.

The state can request the regional provider of Internet services to limit the IP address of the website to block specific websites, or when you try to go to such a website, the site could be deleted from their DNS servers in order to tell you that perhaps the webpage doesn’t exist.  

You can bypass these barriers by using a VPN service to connect with a remote server in some other country where there is no blockage. Once the VPN connection is established, you can also access the websites that are blocked.

2. Easy Access to Unlimited Access

You can experience government censorship based on the country you visit. Thailand, China, Iran, and Russia are a few countries regarded to obstruct access to international news networks. Without using a VPN, trying to access impartial and reliable online reporting can be challenging in these countries. Related to how a VPN enables you to avoid social media blocks, a VPN will assist you in accessing the banned content.

A VPN also encodes or encrypts your online traffic. This encryption ensures that your ISP would not be able to trace the site you’re visiting.

3. Extra security

Based on your current country, you may face some stringent laws about online activities. It is unlawful to offend the head of government and even condemn the government in states like North Korea, China, Russia, Cuba, Thailand and Belarus.

It’s not unusual to know that most expats are unaware of the criticism. However, the laws in such countries have become very stringent, and it is hard to stay updated with the latest laws passed. So the expats should get a VPN which can be used on Android, iPhone, tablet and iPad. This will keep your data secure by encrypting it so that nobody can know what you said.

4. Secure Online Banking 

The creation of a bank account could be a lengthy process. Almost all major banks have an online banking portal, so the expatriates are less required to establish an account in some local bank. It implies that you will have to reach your online banking accounts frequently.

You may reveal the confidential financial data if you connect with a public wifi hotspot. A Virtual private network adds encryption layer to your online traffic which makes it harder for the cybercriminals to track your online activities. By connecting with a VPN, you can easily carry out your online banking from anywhere.

5. Stay safe while using public wifi

For expatriates and travellers, public wifi can be incredibly useful. But such accessible hotspots, unfortunately, reflect hotbeds for cybercriminals. To steal the data packets, they need to be near to you in your hotel lobby or café and have to run some scripts on their device.

 In just a few minutes they can acquire the banking account details of all the users who are connected to the public wifi hotspot.

If you often connect with public wifi networks, you need to run a VPN on your devices. VPNs have a security layer for each piece of the information you enter on your laptop or phone.

6. Cheaper flights

Connect your device with a VPN before booking a flight, and you can get some extra benefits because several flight comparison websites and airline companies offer different flight prices to the people who buy them from specific countries. Use VPN to get the IP address of a lower-income country, and you can see the prices offered to that particular country. Book the flights from the country which has lower rates.

You can also get the IP address of a country in which that particular airline is based. So it can be beneficial to have a VPN when you’re an expat whether try to find cheaper flights or circumvent geo-limitations for streaming videos.

Which VPN is best for Expats?

The security and speed of RitaVPN are unmatchable. The high-level encryption protects you from the online data packet sniffers. The different servers provide you with a very high speed of internet connection.

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If you are an expat and looking for the best VPN service, download RitaVPN and access the top class service. Your internet service provider cannot track your online activities, and you can also unblock websites. Stay in touch with your family, access social media platforms, enjoy your favourite content and stay secure against the hackers by downloading RitaVPN.  

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