Creepy websites that know everything about you

Creepy websites that know everything about you

You’ll be surprised to learn there are creep sites that know all about you. We all are scared of everyone who knows a little bit about us. Browsing search history is one of the top secrets, and internet history leakage is the things that make the people afraid, and it is a real threat these days.

There are several sites which know a lot about you, your internet surfing, names of your friends or your browsing history. Google and Facebook both are becoming the business giants by wringing all kinds of details. They were caught spying, lying and backpedalling to do what they wanted.


The internet monitors all your movements. By visiting many webpages every day, you’ve given a huge amount of data to the web. The information on the web pages you visited, the videos you saw, the pictures you browsed, and a lot more can be found on this site. signals to perform various functions on their site almost any time you visit them. It can even sense if you want to quit. You may also have gathered all the data used and cookies on the site. This website has a record of your activities indeed.

How to prevent or restrict data: Use the anti-tracker extensions such as Ghostery to stop these sites from trying to track each step you take.

2. True People Search

It is a site which enables users to browse through a name and a zip code for the private information of an individual. Using this piece of information, you can find the contact number, current addresses, age and family of a single individual.

The data collected from this site is publicly distributed to provide everybody with accessible and straightforward details. The primary objective of True People Search is to discover families and friends who are lost.

How to restrict or limit details: You have to request them to delete the data from the site by https:/ if you want your data.

3. Predictive World

Over-sharing the data is not a good habit. You generally give data on the web which should be maintained within you. Innovation has improved life, but trusting someone too much can be detrimental to you.

Predictive World is a site that allows you to access and record your data. This site is creepy and can even foresee your future. You simply need to register for your Facebook account and then it receives all your data using your profile. Predictive World provides discrete hypotheses and perceptions about your career.

How to limit or block information: The site gets details from Facebook, and controlling the data you share in your Facebook profile would limit what Predictive World knows about you.

4. Have I Been Pwned? monitors data abuses and breaches by collecting data on the accounts involved. Bookmark this website now so that you can return and use it every couple weeks – it is a crucial tool. You have to put the email address, and this site will show you that is your password leaked or not.

Because of the rate and size of security breaches these days, the email is extremely likely to be somewhat breached at least, mainly if it was used to create new accounts on specific other sites. It’s a frightful and eye-opening glimpse at the full range of cybercrime or lack of security.

5. FamilyTreeNow

The website is focused on the genealogy, which informs all people about your private data. A page that looks into the connection with your family and then they realize that such things affect others significantly. Similar to many other pages, this page draws people very quickly.

It appears to know all about you and allows everybody to know about you. It includes the set of the addresses, every telephone number, names, the complete record of birth and death, and data of the related individuals. Any legal or illegal sources can gather this data.

The main distinction between these sites is that, if you really want to sign, many of the sites demand some payment or not. The people often ignore those websites that need payment since people chose things for free instead. The only thing that’s most frightening about this website is that it can effectively give personal details about everyone.

6. Webkay

The website indicates that you can quickly know all about the user’s browsing history. It can be achieved with no proper authorization. It can determine what sort of data an individual is using, but one aspect can save the details from misuse in the coming days.

Around the same time, a click feature is also available and you can say who collects information from the scene. The collected data is found in the region concerned. It’s easy to imagine your gender and education.

7. Data Selfie

This is genuinely a browser plugin instead of a site, but it provides a beautiful example of how troubling big data can become when you look at the details. Mostly, Data Selfie plugin has only copied Facebook in almost all respects.

Rather than monetization of the information, the plugin allows users to see the data they’ve gathered and the uncanny data profile they’ve been able to create by using the same methodologies that Facebook has been using.

How to protect your data from these creepy websites

  • Limit all the personal information you shared on social media platforms.
  • Always practice good online behavior. To learn more, the internet behavior red our this article   10 Bad Internet behaviors and how to fix them
  • Use a Virtual private network service for changing your IP address so that no one can track you.
  • Always stay updated with the recent data breaches and leaks.
  • Start using adblocker and other plugins.

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