Best Educational Websites for Kids

Best Educational Websites for Kids

Do your kids have the potential to use the internet? Do they know the basics of a computer? Can they access educational websites? All these are skeptical questions every parent has. 

In today’s world, we know how the internet impacts us and our life, touching various aspects. Some of the areas where we feel its presence are the technological sector, the educational sector, the economic sector, and many more. More importantly, the internet is vital for getting information.

Academically, some websites offer educational insights for kids. Interestingly, they provide content in an interactive and informative manner. That way, the kids get a proper understanding of their studies. Also, hardly forgetting whatever they learned.

Best Educational Websites for Kids

Hence, this guide contains the top-ranking educational sites for kids. Nonetheless, here they are;

1. Starfall

Are you looking for an innovative way to teach your kids the alphabet and reading skills? Look no further; Starfall provides users with the best practices to aid faster development in reading and learning skills. The educational portal teaches how to read, also mastering spellings. 

Your kids can develop their skills by reading plays and non-fiction. The bold and bright graphics make the process entertaining. Also, its download center allows you to print out worksheets used to give your kids an assignment.

2. Brain Pop

Brain Pop is another learning website for kids and has been in existence for over 15 years now. The portal is versatile, as it offers a lesson on various fields. The areas of consideration include science, engineering, music, health, social science, and many more. Brain Pop also has a way of targeting an older audience with its games and activities.

3. Kids know It

Kids Know It is an original site that suits your kids’ educational needs. The areas covered vary and are widespread from different age groups. Some of them are biology, spelling, history, geology, and more. Uniquely, it keeps the users entertained with educational songs and films. 

4. Funology

What’s so innovative about this website? It’s merely the potential it possesses. While it contains so much fun, Funology is also very resourceful when it comes to educational insights. It follows a different path by offering exciting content on science, arts and crafts, riddles, jokes, and facts. Its benefits go beyond that; Funology offers kids appropriate recipes and more. One common trait in this portal is giving out information and making it fun.

5. Learning Games For Kids

Mainly looking at the name, it proclaims it all. Learning Games For Kids is a platform for educational teachings. The game has sections for different age groups. It covers fields like vocabulary, math, literature, geography, and more. Excitingly, songs and videos are in-built features of this game. Users get to learn interestingly, also retaining a lot of information.

6. Pora Ora

Pora Ora is more like a learning platform based on the National Curriculum. It has a colorful and bright website to get the kids attracted. Also, offering all topics that are part of a school curriculum. 

Uniquely, this site offers some rare features. Aside from learning, your kids also get to develop their socialism. They engage with other kids of their age and probably share ideas. With this platform, one can send online gifts and even visit each other. The best part is the frequent reports made for parents. The stories, however, disclose the progress and activities of your kids.

7. BBC Schools

BBC Schools is an educational website for kids. It is in line with your kids’ needs, be it informative or the necessary information. BBC also offers topics covering all curriculums on a school’s agenda. It teaches your kids interactively with games, activities, and worksheets. Learners can also print out a sheet for specific purposes.

8. Woodlands Junior

Being a school-based website, it covers almost all topics of the curriculum. It is of great use during leisure periods. Parents can allow their kids’ accessibility when they are free. It also contains games that teach interactively. Covering various educational topics, it’s somewhere your kids can run to whenever they need help with assignments or school projects.

9. Oxford Owl

Primarily made for kids, Oxford Owl is highly entertaining and embraces visits from parents as well. It provides educational lessons in a school’s curriculum. Parents can visit the site to get tips and enlightenments on helping their kids improve analytically. It consists of over 250 ebooks for your kids to use.

10. CoolMath4kids

The name speaks of it as an inviting pool for math and more. It offers guides on the different areas of math, some of which include subtraction, addition, decimals, multiplication, and more. Also, it aimed at children within the range of 3-12 years. In general, Cool4MathKids is a great place to teach your kids math, especially if they are having a hard with studies.

11. The KIDZ Page

The KIDZ page contains over 5000 pages with all of them dedicated to kids. Each day, there’s an increment of 1 to 2 pages on the platform, making it informative. The features of this portal include Jigsaw puzzles, word games, coloring pages, and more. To sum up, its holiday categories have different sections with each containing games and activities.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned educational websites provide helpful lessons. Rest assured that your kids will gain from them. 

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