Best Browser Extensions for Your Privacy

Use these Browser Extensions for your Privacy

Every Web user needs to understand the importance of the safety features of the browser to ensure that they can browse the Web safely. Trying to protect your browser may result in the severe limitations of some websites, but it will protect your data most efficiently.

While browsers might seem trivial in securing your information, they may genuinely be your first line of defense. Note that your browser will be the first bridge that connects you to the internet, and also that the way it is structured may allow or prevent the penetration of harmful online elements.

Here you can find the list of browser extensions that could help you optimize internet privacy and provide an additional layer of security.

1. Ghostery

Ghostery covers your online privacy as well as informs you who is monitoring your internet browsing. In this way, people can no longer create a database about you to influence your actions.

This extension helps you to monitor with whom you exchange your personal information. Sometimes, trackers decrease browsing speed. Ghostery can also boost your browsing by blocking them.

The benefit of this method is that it eliminates page clutter so that you can concentrate on the content. This extension is focused on presenting you with all the knowledge you need to consider different kinds of trackers or how they might impact your internet experience.

2. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere imposes a safe transfer mechanism on all websites that are still running on outdated and insecure settings. It is entirely free and accessible for Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, and Firefox for the android.

A shift from HTTP to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) started a few years ago to enhance online security. But, several websites have not yet made the necessary improvements, and if you access them, you may be vulnerable to the attacks of hackers.

HTTPS provides 3 main features, Authentication, Encryption, Data integrity. When forming a link between you and the website, Authentication means that you are accessing the same site you wish to use, not a fake mirror page designed to extract your information.

Encryption ensures that no one can monitor or spy your online activities. This step improves your privacy protection, and the last step Data integrity is a prevention system that does not cause the information to be changed or manipulated during the transfer.

3. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is currently Chrome’s most common privacy extension. The tool is a venture of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the same organization that openly criticized the privacy policy of Windows 10. Privacy Badger removes spyware and tracking tools that monitor your web activity so that no one can track it without your permission.

Privacy Badger is different because it utilizes a heuristics template, which indicates that it doesn’t have a predetermined blacklisted tracker file, instead knows about it while you’re surfing. Initially, it may seem that it doesn’t work and a lot of trackers are still passing in, but it stops the more trackers if you keep using it.

The extension even restricts the silently loading third-party trackers when you start Chrome. As its developers say “The Privacy Badger can’t stop eating cookies when it is hungry!”

4. LastPass

It is one of the most famous password managers launched in 2008. The primary reason behind several security breaches is the error of users. It is difficult to remember a password of 15 upper and lower letters with different symbols and numbers. The separate password for each website makes it harder to remember it.

LastPass is beneficial in such cases. It stores the password in an encrypted envelope, and now you need to remember only the password of the LastPass account. It gives you the option of auto-fill the password so that you don’t have to copy or manually write the password.

The powerful policy exists for security, and the Advanced Encryption Standard is used for the encryption of your password. The decryption of password is completed on your device level. Even LastPass itself cannot decrypt the password because you are the only key holder to decrypt.

5. Adblock Plus

Adblockers avoid annoying ads and remove third-party scripts that can capture and distribute the information anywhere (including hackers). AdBlock Plus is the most famous extension on our list. The advantage of AdBlock Plus is that it is simple to use and relatively efficient.

This blocks roll-over advertising, banner ads, pop-ups, and suspected malware-hosting domains. Adblock blocks the third-party scripts and cookies that might leak the information and end in cookie theft.

However, ad blockers appear to mess with the way certain websites operate. They can ruin your favourite sites, and they can affect businesses that rely on online ads. That’s why ad blockers may sometimes question you when you want to see ‘Acceptable Ads’ or if you wish to disable them.

6. SearchLock

It is an encrypted search engine and a security tool that can help you maintain your internet history secure and private. Your internet search history is confidential and must remain confidential. So, companies will not be able to analyze you depending on your searches.

SearchLock detects and redirects the search to a search engine that protects your privacy. This extension also prevents the tracking of your keystrokes by removing the option of search suggestion.

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