What are the Best Chromium Based Browsers?

Best Chromium Based Browsers, online security, VPN
What are the Best Chromium Based Browsers?

Google Chrome Browser has gained more popularity. Presently, it is the most popular Browser with more than 70% users as of June 2019.

Google Chrome leaves much to be desired in terms of users’ privacy. Hence, the search for user-friendly Chromium-based browsers as alternatives.

 Developers have worked on the Chromium open-source project to create unique Chromium-based browsers.

Users can enjoy the best of Google Chrome features, and the numerous Chrome extensions available on Google Chrome while also enjoying user-friendly privacy protection features not available on Google Chrome.

Besides, Chromium-based browsers offer users varying degrees of privacy protection and other unique features as well as access to the diverse array of Chrome extensions available.

What to consider when choosing a browser

  • Consider your needs. If you need to use chrome extensions, you should consider using a browser that supports almost all of Chrome’s extension
  • Consider your privacy and security. The best user-friendly Browser is one that gives you the most protection and protects your privacy
  • Find out if the Browser has an app for mobile devices find out by checking the Browser’s home page
  • The frequency of updates. The best browsers have regular updates that fix bugs and other issues.

NB all browsers reviewed below are Chromium-based browsers.

Best Chromium Based Browsers

1. Opera Browser

Opera browser is the first you would want to consider if you wish to a chromium alternative to the Chrome browser. Opera browser comes in three versions

  • Opera Mini, which is developed for browsing in areas with a weak or unstable network. It works well with low-end phones.
  • Opera Mobile, which is the mobile version of the Opera browser
  • Opera Browser for browsing on PC.

Opera browser comes with many exciting features like:

  • The ability to compress web pages in a weak network situation
  • Privacy and Security features like ad-blocker and VPN
  • Simple and customizable user interface
  • Works well with Chrome extensions: To use Chrome extensions, you have to install the Google Chrome extension on your Opera browser
  • The sync feature which allows you to sync between your phone and PC


  • It is not compatible with some websites
  • It has few extensions of its own.
2. Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi browser is the brainchild of Opera’s former CEO and Co-founder, John Stephenson, and Tatsuki Tomita in 2016.

Vivaldi browser has more customization features compared with Opera mini, and like Opera Mini, it supports Chrome extensions. The best part of using the Vivaldi browser is its highly customizable and unique features that make browsing more enjoyable.

Such features include:

  • Display tabs as vertical thumbnails
  • Plays videos in background mode
  • An adaptable color scheme based on the website you’re browsing
  • Dark mode feature is suitable for poorly lit areas or night use.
  • Mouse gestures for a faster browsing experience
  • The tab hibernation feature that hibernates tabs, not in use
  • Built-in notepads and bookmark folders for adding bookmarked pages.
  • Split-screen view and customizable address bar


  • For security issues, Vivaldi does not synchronize passwords, bookmarks, and other settings.
  • Only three themes
  • Memory usage is high, comparable with Google Chrome.
3. Brave Browser 

The brave Browser is an open-source browser developed by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy and was launched in 2016. Both Brendan and Brian were part of the team that developed the Mozilla browser. Brave Browser has an inbuilt ad-blocker and over 20 search engines. The creators have developed a model that proposes that browsers can view featured ads and get paid for viewing such ads.  

Brave Browser has several features like:

  • Built-in ad-blocker
  • Blocks web tracking
  • High-speed browsing experience, twice faster than Mozilla Firefox and Chrome
  • More than 20 in-built search engines
  • An Open source browser
  • Supports all chromium extension
  • Available on all major platforms like Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS


  • Browsing speed reduces when too many tabs are opened
  • It can be quite complicated for a beginner to navigate easily
4. Epic Browser

Epic Browser is one of the best chromium browsers that focuses much on privacy. Perhaps one of the best features of this Browser is that it blocks tracking from Google or any other companies or websites wanting to track your browsing. Hence, it does not integrate any of Google’s services into its Browser.

Other features

  • Free VPN services in 8 countries
  • It blocks URL tracking
  • Blocks WebRTC IP Address Leaking
  • Does not send Referer header data
  • Protects you from fingerprinting
  • Blocks more than 600 tracking attempts from different websites


  • Limited widgets and extensions available
5. SR Iron Browser

SRWare Browser is a Chromium-based browser developed by the German-based SRWare Company. The Browser offers you similar features security and privacy protection features with Epic Browser.

Features you can enjoy from SR Iron Browser include:

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • A fast and secure browsing experience
  • In-built ad-blocker
  • User-agent switcher
  • Does not support Google Chrome features like Google Updater, DNS pre-fetching, address bar auto-completion, etc
  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac platforms


  • Delay in releasing updates
6. Torch Browser

Torch Browser is a browser built with many features like media downloading and sharing, torrent, etc. Torch browser is integrated with Google. Hence you can enjoy several of Google’s services.


  • A high-speed browsing experience
  • Allows sharing of sites, and online media grab
  • It supports torrent downloading
  • In-built document viewer and media player
  • Supports Chrome extensions


  • Slightly slower in browsing compared with other chromium-based browsers
  • It does not have secure privacy and security features when compared with other chromium browsers discussed.

Bottom Line

While browsing, it is essential that your data is secured and your privacy protected. Here are a few additional tips to ensure that your privacy is protected online

  • To prevent Google and Facebook from tracking you, do not sign in to your Google and Facebook accounts while browsing
  • Install plug-ins like ad-blocker from Chrome extensions
  • Use a VPN while browsing. One of the best VPN you can use to protect your privacy online is RitaVPN.

With RitaVPN, you get can surf the web anonymous online; protect your IP address and location thereby securing your online activity.

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